Beaker & Gray – Wynwood, Florida

Wynwood isn’t a part of town that I’m likely to be dining but I’ve found myself here a handful of times in the last month. I was meeting a *few friends and they suggested Beaker & Gray for lunch. Since I was the first to arrive I picked a couple of starters or “Smalls” to get a taste of what was going on here.

My eyes and taste buds went straight for the Chicken Wings (brown sugar, tamarind, sesame), the Loaded Fries (huancaina, bacon vinaigrette) on the lunch menu (served 12-4PM weekdays) and Wynwood Brewing Co’s La Rubia beer to wash everything down.

The fellas arrive just as the food arrives. I, unfortunately, do not have any pictures for you as I got caught up eating instead of being a good food documenter.

I wanted to order both the Chicken Wings and Loaded Fries again instead there would be much less sharing this time around.

My mouth orders the Wagyu Burger (Sunshine Provisions’ special Wagyu blend Burger with smoked Gouda, Pickled Cucumber & Bacon jam, $16). This dude was so good that I ate the pickled cucumbers without skipping a beat which I normally don’t care for and enjoyed them. The creaminess of the Gouda with the Bacon Jam seal the deal on this being one of the best Burgers in Miami and those fries are killer too.

If you’re coming by on a weekday the Wagyu Burger is only available on the lunch menu. All hope is not lost if you drop by for dinner though, there’s Cheeseburger Croquette (Wagyu, Aji Amarillo, Bacon) that sounds very interesting.

Get That Burger:

Beaker & Gray
2637 N Miami Ave Wynwood, FL 33127

*my “few friends” are the owners of Sunshine Provisions, Evan David and Chef Mike Saperstein who also happen to have treated me to the meal as well.

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