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El Arte Bakery Reopens in Westchester

One of the pastelitos de Guayaba from the box I took home

El Rey de las Fritas

The Original El Arte Bakery location

I grew up in Westchester hence I grew up with El Arte Bakery. El Arte was my grandfather’s spot and he frequented it anywhere from 3 to 5 or 6 times a week. The printing shop he owned was down the street from here and many a time a baby Burger Beast would be there with him as chose with care what he was taking home as if he was deciding a life-changing moment. Now, many years later I understand what he was doing.

About a year and a half ago (mid-2016) El Arte Bakery closed and I feared it would be gone for good. The part of the strip mall where they were located ended up being torn down and the property used to build a mega-sized pharmacy. I really thought I had seen the last of El Arte Bakery which saddened me. My grandfather passed away almost 15 years so I was carrying the grief for both of us.

The rumors started swirling just a few months later that El Arte Bakery was re-opening on the other end of the mall. I drove over a few days later but didn’t see any empty spots but I was hopeful it was true. Then….months later the “El Arte BakeryComing Soon” banner came up. I was ecstatic as were the other Pastelito (Cuban Pastry in case you were wondering what the word meant) faithful when I posted it up on Instagram.

I was lucky that @kari129 (who had also alerted me to the coming soon banner) sent me a picture of the newly opened El Arte Bakery. It turns out that they had re-opened this past Thursday in *soft open mode. ¬†On Saturday when I was there the hours were 7AM-6PM and Sunday’s hours are 7AM-3PM. I’m sure that will change as they ramp up and get back into the swing of things.

I ended up taking home a box of Guayaba (Guava) and Guayaba y Queso (Guava & Cheese) Pastelitos. My Dad and I ate a Guayaba one when we there and it was amazing (a word I don’t throw around too often). We also smuggled back a Carne (Beef), a Coco (Coconut) and a Guayaba y Queso(Guava & Cheese) Pastelito for the road…..we were ecstatic.


El Arte Bakery is back and all is right in Westchester again, at least I like to think so.

One of the pastelitos de Guayaba from the box I took home
The new El Arte Bakery location, I got a prime parking location
Pastelitos de Guayaba in warming cabinet waiting for a home
The Pastelito de Guayaba I ate while there
Trio of Pastelitos: Carne (Beef), Guayaba y Queso (Guava & Cheese) and Coco (Coconut)
The box I took home to share with my family

El Arte Bakery
8754 SW 40th St Miami, Florida 33165

*while technically open, not all foods and services are available yet

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