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PROOF – Wynwood, Florida

El Rey de las Fritas

My bud ThankfulMonster has been a loyal PROOF customer for what seems like forever. His love for it was so great that he wrote about it on Burger Beast last year:

PRØØF – Miami, Florida by ThankfulMonster

He went on and on about the CheeseBurger which is on a house made Potato Roll, I knew I had to have it. The problem was that PROOF is located in Wynwood where I don’t visit often. He insisted and the following month I noticed I could get delivery so I took the lazy way out. I was hoping that if I could even get a 75% as good on the delivery I’d be doing good. The problem, I was floored by the Cheeseburger, Fries and Oxtail Pizza when it arrived. How was I going to convince myself to drive there when the delivery was so good? A few weeks later I ordered again with the same result, I was hooked. It took about 10 months before I finally made it to PROOF.

There is not one bad dish on this menu. Hats are off to Chef Justin Flit on PROOF, this spot is not a home run but a grand slam…bases loaded. When you’re able to get me to eat a Brussel Sprouts Salad you’ve got something special on your hand.

I’m not gonna waste your time describing each dish. I will say that you need to skip out on the delivery and just go eat there.

As for the PROOF CheeseBurger, it is the BEST in town as I write this (Thursday January 11th, 2018). If you’re into Burgers then this will be your new Shangri-La.

Proof Menu for 12-2017 (click to enlarge)
Burrata on Basil Pesto
Sullivan Street Sourdough Bread
Shaved Brussel Sprouts
Fettuccine with Black Truffle, Garlic Puree & Chives
Fried Chicken Sandwich
PROOF CheeseBurger
Hand-cut Fries
Margherita Pizza
Cinnamon Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich
Bread Pudding


PROOF CheeseBurger

Oxtail Pizza

It’s the Real Deal:

3328 N Miami Ave Miami, Florida 33127

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