Adam’s Filling Station on Wheels Food Truck

8 1/2 years ago when my blog was in its infancy, I visited a spot in Downtown Miami that I fell in love with called The Filling Station. It eventually grew with the addition of the Garage Bar and a giant selection of beers. It was a true locals spot and when I stopped in for lunch I never wanted to go home. I always felt at home there. Hell, they were one of the 5 original Burger Beast Approved spots!

Unfortunately, like many great things in Miami, it didn’t last and they closed up shop. Adam (the owner) eventually found a temporary spot for the Filling Station in Oakland Park but that befell the same fate in January 2016.

It seemed like the Filling Station was officially retired until I heard some rumblings a few months later about the Filling Station returning as a Food Truck. We then fast forward to March of last year when I promised Adam a spot at Hamburger House Party 2017 and totally botched it when I forgot to include them. I felt horrible.

When this year’s Hamburger House Party (2018) was in the “invite stage” I knew I had to make good on my word after last year’s debacle. The newly christened Adam’s Filling on Wheels made their re-debut with the “The Can’t Fuggetaboutit!” Burger (their signature Burger topped with fried Genoa Salami, homemade Fried Cheese Sticks, Arrabiata Spread & roasted Almond Pesto Sauce on a Garlicky Toasted Bun). They finished in the Top 5 in both the Judge’s and People’s Awards out of 19 spots, very respectable finishes after a 2-year hiatus.

This past Saturday was the 7th anniversary of the Wheelin’ Dealin’ Food Truck Festival and Adam’s Filling Station on Wheels made its food truck debut in all its smurfy blueness. No, I’ve got no pictures of the truck for you but plenty of food pictures which should tide you over til’ you hit them up for lunch, dinner or whenever the munchies hit.

Yes, the Filling Station was as great I remember it and those Hotsie Totsies were incredible.

Welcome back Adam’s Filling Station on Wheels, we knew you’d be back!

Sweet Corn Fritters w/Savanna Sauce (Sriracha Horseradish)

Hotsie Totsies (Buffalo Sauce, Bleu Cheese & Candied Bacon)

Bacon Jalapeño Cheese Taters

Homemade Fried Cheese with Marinara

Crazy Pig (Pulled Pork, Jalapeño Beer Sauce, Sour Cream)

Respect Mobile Burger (Pulled Pork, Cheddar Cheese, Carolina BBQ Sauce)

El Dorado Burger (Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Grilled Onions, Peppered Bacon)

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