IHOP becomes IHOb, Well Kinda

It’s not exactly what you think, I think.

      • Last week (Monday June 4th) IHOP announced via twitter that they were changing their name IHOb.

      • The official name reveal is to happen on Monday June 11th.

      • I did a little research and saw that it appeared the “b” is for burgers.

      • I drove out to an IHOP on Saturday and did indeed confirm that there are now “Ultimate Steakburgers” on the menu.

      • I ordered the Mega Monster Steakburger and they forgot to add the “signature IHOP sauce”.

      • The new burger is definitely an upgrade of the previous beef patty they used.

      • Breakfast & Pancake fans need not worry, the menu is still breakfast heavy. Plus, they added Potato Pancakes which unfortunately they were out of.

      • P.S.: I highly doubt they are really going to change their name after 60 years.

IHOP’s NEW IHOb’s Burger Menu

IHOP’s Pancake Sliders

IHOP’s Ultimate Steakburgers portion of the menu

Mega Monster SteakBurger sans special sauce