Blue Collar’s got a Happy Hour aka Blue Hair Hour

Blue Collar‘s new Happy Hour named Blue Hair Hour will be offering a new discounted menu (their regular menu is also available) from 6PM to 7PM every Monday through Friday. The idea is to put together your own combo platter as each “Fry The Piece” includes 1 item. This is perfect for someone like me who can’t decide and then orders 3 appetizers for myself which then endangers my main course’s likelihood of getting eaten.

The only real new addition is the Nachos which have freshly fried tortilla chips topped with some ragout, cheese sauce, chorizo, pickled peppers and a dollop of sour cream. Nowhere on the menu does it say the word “dollop” but it’s the perfect word to describe the sour cream action. One last thing, the beer and wine prices are at a dangerously low amount of $4 and Blue Collar has Magic Hat #9 which is a good thing.


Blue Collar’s Blue Hair Hour Menu

Blue Collar’s “Little” Big Ragout

Blue Collar’s 50/50

Blue Collar’s Nachos

Go Blue:

Blue Collar
6730 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138
Facebook: Blue Collar Restaurant
Instagram: @BlueCollarMiami