I gotta tell you folks about Rolli in Melbourne, Florida. I was in central Florida a few months back with my bud John and my cousin Fred for a couple of days. My real reason for stopping in Melbourne was to eat at the Bennigan’s for a Monte Cristo which unfortunately turned out to be a giant disappointment. I had a few more spots that I needed to hit up before we left (Burger Inn, Del’s Freeze) and Rolli of course.

When you’ve got a menu item called “The Greatest Sandwich in the World” you’ve got a lot to live up to. Since we have little to no self-control we ordered the Cheesesteak, Breakfast Sandwich, Garlic Parm Fries (which were fresh cut), Pork Cutlet Sandwich, Cheeseburger, the Sweet Italian Sausage and that sandwich they’re hyping.

You know a place is great when you’re still eating and in between bites a heated discussion ensues about how we can squeeze in another visit before we head back to Miami. I would really have a hard time telling you that anything was bad cause it wasn’t. Those fries were killer and I was doing my best Chris Farley fry eating skit impersonation. I’d order any of those sandwiches in a heartbeat but if I had to choose a winner there is no doubt that it’s “The Greatest Sandwich in the World.”

It’s a simple sandwich that is perfectly executed. What is it exactly? “The Great Sandwich in the World” is a Rotisserie Pork Loin Sandwich with their Rolli Remoulade Sauce. I mean, what did you think it would be?


Breakfast Sandwich

“The Greatest Sandwich in the World” – Rotisserie Pork Loin Sandwich with Rolli Remoulade Sauce

Garlic Parm Cheese Fresh Cut Fries

Pork Cutlet Sandwich


Sweet Italian Sausage

An Absolute Must Stop:

31 E New Haven Ave Melbourne, FL 32901

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