Night at the Burger Museum Dinner – December 4th, 2018

The original idea when I expanded the Burger Museum by Burger Beast late last year was to have a “party room” that looked like an old school Ice Cream Parlor in the back. After a few revisions to the idea, I decided to add the Wall’s Ice Cream Shop to the entrance which involved a total rehaul of the space. The idea to have some sort of dinner in the room never left my mind.

I was talking to Heirloom Hospitality after the Burger Beast Munchies pop-up at Arbetter’s when I brought up the idea to host a dinner in the museum space. Chef Phil Bryant liked the idea and suggested that the dishes be re-interpretations of appetizers, snacks, and desserts of restaurants who are represented in the Burger Museum. Over a couple of weeks Phil, his partner in life and in the kitchen Chef Veronica Valdivia and I threw around memories of dishes from the past and how they could possibly be reborn as new versions. I want to be clear, I suggested most of the dishes that I thought would be perfect for the dinner but it was their skill which executed and came up with what exactly was put out on the plate.

Chef Phil Bryant

Chef Veronica Valdivia

We weren’t sure what dessert was going to be and then the idea popped into my head when I was visiting Cindy Lou’s Cookies. I asked Cindy if she thought she could create her version of the McDonaldland cookies of my youth. She understood exactly my vision and was ecstatic to join the dinner closing out the night.

I knew I had to call my friend Los from M.I.A. Beer Co and ask if he’d like to pair their beers with a couple of courses. M.I.A. was in.

I can always count on Magic City Casino and its CEO Scott Savin who loaned me poker chairs to use for the dinner, they were badass.

After announcing the event on social media, my bud the multi-talented Gio Gutierrez offered to make some welcome cocktails with The Real Havana Club Rum. Gio brings life to any party, it was a no-brainer to add him.

So things were set to happen on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 7PM.

I still need to thank my brothers Chef Michell Sanchez for loaning us all the cooking equipment for the makeshift kitchen, Mike Lugo for the incredible placemat design and Zavier Garcia for printing them beautifully.

I know she hates it when I thank her, but my wife Marcela ran the front of house and did an incredible job.

Last but not least, thank you to Ericka and Yamilka who were the servers for the night. You can find them normally at Palomilla Grill and I also gotta thank Alejandro Rodriguez and Emy Rodriguez for allowing me to borrow them on short notice for the dinner.

It makes me feel good when folks come up and thank me for the event or experience but it’s important to note that it takes a bunch of people to put even the smallest of events together. I don’t do it alone and from day one it’s always been important to me that folks get properly recognized for their work. For the record, I worked for many “bosses” who took credit for my hard work over the years and I swore I would never do that to anyone.

Night at the Burger Museum Placemat Menu (click to enlarge)

Welcome Cocktail by Gio Gutierrez: Root Beer Rum Fashioned with Havana Club Clasico, Sassafras Syrup, Bitters

The Real Havana Club Rum

Course 1inspired by Burger King Yumbo Ham & Cheese Sandwich: Ham Croquetas with Cheese center, served with special sauce

Ham Croqueta with Cheese center and dipping sauce

Cheese oozing from Croqueta into dipping sauce

Course 2inspired by Wendy’s Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich & Sizzler Cheese Toast: Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup with a side of Cheese Toast.
*Paired with M.I.A. Beer Company’s Neon IPA

Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup

Cheese Toast, pic by Gio Gutierrez

Course 3inspired by Kentucky Roast Beef’s Kentucky Roast Beef Sandwich: Pit cooked Roast Beef on a Bao Bun with Kecap Manis BBQ Sauce
*Paired with M.I.A. Beer Company’s 305 Golden Ale

Bao Bun filled with Roast Beef

M.I.A. Beer

Course 4 inspired by Bob’s Big Boy: The original Double Deck Hamburger with Red Hamburger Relish

Double Deck Cheeseburger

Course 5inspired by McDonald’s McDonaldland Cookies: Cindy Lou’s Cookies

David and his Cindy Lou’s Cookie Box, pic by Gio Gutierrez

Cindy Lou’s Cookies

Ronald McDonald Cookie, pic by Gio Gutierrez

Thank you to everyone who came out and see you next time.

The Burger Museum Dinner crowd, pic by Marcela Sequeira

All pictures courtesy of FatGirlHedonist unless otherwise noted.

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