Cao Bakery & Cafe in South Beach NOW OPEN

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re familiar with Vicky Bakery. If you’re from Miami then you KNOW and love Vicky Bakery. What’s not to love? From their super tasty Pastelitos, and housemade Croquetas to what I think is an unsung hero there, the Pan con Tortilla (Omelet Sandwich).

A little history…

The Cao family, who founded Vicky Bakery in Hialeah way back in 1972 are going to be opening and remodeling a few older Vicky Bakery locations with a newer concept, Cao Bakery & Cafe. Don’t worry, all of your favorites are here with some new soon to be favorites. The location is much more spacious than any Vicky Bakery I’ve been to plus there are couches if you wanna take a load off, work on your laptop and shovel some grub into your mouth, no one will judge. Well, at least I won’t judge since I might be sitting there next to you.

Cao Bakery & Cafe’s Menu (click to enlarge)

The Pastelito Case

The Dulce Fino Case

Long shot of the Dessert Cases

Cafe con Leche

Pastelito de Guayaba

Ham Croquetas

I was invited to try a few of the new menu additions at the first Cao Bakery & Cafe (1420 Alton Road) in South Beach. The sandwich portion of the menu is broken down into Cuban American and Cuban Original that way you and Abuelita won’t have to battle it out. It features a Pollo Milanesa Sandwich with Sazon Aioli and La Frita Cao with housemade Julienne Potatoes, you know I’m all about that Frita life. The snacks include these nifty Arroz con Pollo balls stuffed with cheese and an open face Croqueta Preparada on a saltine cracker topped with mustard seed, this generation’s Cuban caviar.

Pollo Milanesa Sandwich

La Frita Cao

Arroz con Pollo Bites

Arroz con Pollo Bites Cheese Center

Croqueta Preparada Snack

Cao Bakery & Cafe is currently open every day from 6AM – 9PM but will be switching over to an Eddie Murphy “Party All the Time” schedule aka open 24-hours in the very near future.