Popeyes Coming To West Miami?

A Popeyes Louisiana Chicken in Miami, picture courtesy of Phillip Pessar

Is Popeyes Louisiana Chicken coming to West Miami? According to the Winners Income Strategies site, it might be.

The Burger King location at 6800 SW 8th Street in West Miami closed a few months ago. It was stripped of all BK signage and has sat boarded up.. It was located about a mile down the street from La Palma which was once upon a time the second Burger King opened in Miami. Guillermo Perales, a restaurateur (owns a bunch of Burger Kings, Popeyes and Arby’s) is rumored to be converting the spot to a Popeyes.

Ever since the Burger King corporation purchased Popeyes in 2017 there has been a rebirth of the Popeyes brand here in South Florida. The president of Popeyes recently purchased a home on Alton Road in Miami Beach shortly after Popeyes moved their headquarters to Miami. It all seems to be making sense when you put all the pieces together.

Popeyes Spicy Fried Chicken

The newest Popeyes location down here opened in Virginia Gardens a few weeks back, just outside of Miami Springs in the old Miami Subs space. When I ate there I noticed that they had switched to Coke from Pepsi. Arby’s also recently made the switch coincidentally enough.

I attempted to contact Guillermo Perales’ office but received no reply. The building is currently under construction so we should know soon enough what exactly is going to go there.

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