Col Mustard’s Phat Burgers – Jacksonville Beach, Florida

You know how it is…you’re driving down the street while on vacation and notice a burger joint then almost kill yourself making a u-turn to get to the place. It’s all in the day of the Burger Beast on the road (#burgerbeastontheroad).

I almost broke my neck trying to make sure it was a burger spot before committing to make the turnaround. Yup, it was Col Mustard’s Phat Burgers.

I may or may not have just eaten beforehand but sometimes you need to make sacrifices. I kept it simple and asked for a Chili Dog along with a Bacon CheeseBurger. The Chili Dog had a bean-less Chili which right off the bat brought a smile to my face. The Chili smothered the dog, diced onions and mustard. I loved it even though I found some errant beans throughout. For shame Col Mustard’s, for shame!!!

These corn dusted buns aren’t exactly at the top of my favorite buns list but once I set my eyes upon the smashed into oblivion burger I forgot all about it. The 1/2 lb. ground chuck burger was a thing of beauty. I had grilled onions, cheese and bacon topping the meat stunner. I added some yellow mustard and it was good to go. I’m not a fan of shredded cheese on a burger and wish there had been a full on slice instead. Don’t get me wrong, I killed it and would eat another one just without the shredded cheese.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the shredded cheese dilemma. Am I right or is any cheese good cheese on a burger?

Chili Dog

Double Bacon Cheeseburger

Col Mustard’s Phat Burgers
1722 3rd St N
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250