The Cafe 72 – Doral, Florida

Those of you who live in North Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens or Miami Lakes should be familiar with Boss Burger & Brew. If you’re not, its founder and chief food maestro Frankie opened up a new spot a little over a year ago. He’s no longer at Boss Burger but he brought his palate full of Miami flavors with him to The Cafe 72.

The Cafe 72 is located on the west corner of a gas station. The ventanita (window), actually ventanitas since there are two of ’em is where you’ll place your order. There are a few stools to sit at the counter portion of the window along with a few tables & chairs to the left of the building where most of the action happens.

Semi-accurate Menu Page 1

Semi-accurate Menu Page 2

They’re open later on the weekends and that’s when you’ll find a bunch of folks hanging out. It kinda reminds me of the food truck scene back when it started almost ten years ago.

The first time I ate here I worked my way through most of the sandwich portion of the menu. They’re all large and in charge kinda like Marge from Peewee’s Big Adventure. By the way, I’ve waited more than 10 years to name drop that movie on my blog so please acknowledge how witty I am. 🙂

Let’s get back to business…Last summer some housemade Croquetas showed up on the menu. This “Completa Croqueta” was stuffed with White Rice, Pulled Pork, Black Beans, Maduros, & Cheese with a Cilantro Aioli drizzle. How great does that sound? Your Abuela’s (aka grandmother) croquetas these ain’t!

Everything has some sort of drizzle from a housemade sauce. Don’t fight it. I’d normally be inclined to scale back on the sauce-fest but Mr. Majestic knows what he’s doing.

Oh and those Samurai Tenders which won my Luv Me Tenders chicken tender competition last year are ridiculously tasty.

Make sure to leave room for The Creamy Creations‘ Flans. I’m partial to El Original Flan but it seems like the Timba (Guava & Cheese) and Cafecito (Coffee) are equally as popular.

One last thing, order the Cafe 72-style Colada (Cuban Coffee). Why? They whip an egg yolk into it. Huh? Exactly.

Completa Croquetas

Country Fried Chicken Sandwich

Frita 72

Ribeye Philly 8″

Cafe 72 Burger

Pan con Bistec

Pan con Lechon

Late Night Snacks:

Samurai Chicken Tenders

Brisket Burger

Do It To It:

The Cafe 72
Instagram: @TheCafe72
7201 NW 36th St
Miami, FL 33166