Meat BBQ – Lansing, Michigan

I stayed in Lansing for 5 days and used it as my home base in Michigan during my book signing tour. My friend Rev┬áreaches out to me since I’m in his home terrain. *Rev tells me that I need to hit up his friend Logg’s restaurant Meat BBQ. If Rev says it’s a must then it’s not a matter of if but when I can squeeze it into my schedule. We’ve been friends forever and he knows his shit when it comes to food.

It was a rainy day and we find parking just down the street. I love the entryway and its seating but that’s not even under consideration today. We take a table near the entrance where I’m able to enjoy all of the decor. If you love Metal (music that is), Star Wars and BBQ then you have found your nirvana (not the alternative band but they would probably fit in here).

I’m looking over the menu and my wife Marcela is giving me “the look“. The look means don’t go crazy ordering so much food that we can’t possibly eat it all. So of course, I order way too much food for us to eat at one seating. I normally try to butter her up by ordering Nachos, her favorite starter. It gives me the leeway to sneak in a bunch of other tasty treats.

The Nachos with their hand cut tortilla chips are topped with bacon, brisket, pulled pork on the protein side and then cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, avocado and finished with sour cream and their sweet & tangy BBQ sauce, Jazzy Q. In quick succession, Eddie’s Eggrolls, the Texas Chili and Smoked Chicken Wings arrive and take up most of the free space on our table. I put my head down and go to work.

I have an almost unnatural obsession with Pimento Cheese so the eggrolls filled with house-made Andouille sauce, poblano peppers and the homewrecker Pimento Cheese check the right boxes in my perfect snack item list. The housemade BBQ ranch sauce that accompanies them are a worthy partner to these little devils.

I’m sure there are veggies in this beanless chili (I don’t spot any) that also has a nice kick and chunks of brisket in it. I’ve never been to Texas but if the chili is like this I’ll start planning my trip to the Lone Star State today.

If you can find a spot that smokes then flash-fries their wings in your neighborhood then you’re a lucky duck. I don’t think there is any better way to enjoy a wing. I tried the wings with a few of their sauces but I preferred them solo and yes that was a Star Wars reference.


Eddie’s Egg Rolls

Texas Red Chili

Smoked Chicken Wings

We’re at a BBQ place so I gotta go with one of their Meat Plates. Pork Ribs with a Beef Brisket, Spicy Cream Corn, Sweet & Tangle Slaw and a slice of Cornbread round out my tray. Everything was as amazing as it looks in the picture below.

One thing that I find hard to find is a BBQ spot with a great Burger. In Miami, Hate Mondays Tavern fills that bill and it looks like Meat BBQ is the chosen one for Lansing. I choose the Build a Burger option so I request that my 7 oz burger come topped with chopped brisket & cheddar cheese with a side of fries. Damn, it’s good but double damn I am beyond stuffed. I enjoy two bites before I come to terms with the reality that I can not fit one more piece of deliciousness in my substantial stomach. We are at max capacity folks and that’s the happy ending to this story.

Meat Plate with Brisket and Pork Ribs

Build a Burger with Brisket & Cheddar Cheese

Meat BBQ
Instagram: @MeatBBQ
Facebook: Meat BBQ
1224 Turner Rd
Lansing, MI 48906

*I went to MEAT BBQ just on Rev’s recommendation. He mentioned it to Logg, who not only came out to our table to shoot the shit about food and heavy metal but treated us to our meal. It was a kind and unexpected gesture on his part which did not affect in any way what I wrote about Meat BBQ. You really do need to visit.