The Nook & Brewha Coffee House – Columbia City, Indiana

We stopped in for some Coneys at The Nook and some fudge at Brewha Coffee House

My wife Marcela and I find ourselves in the downtown part of Columbia City, Indiana. It’s by choice of course since I needed to have a couple of The Nook’s Coney Dogs.

The Nook opened up shop way back in 1971. Well, granted 1971 ain’t that far back considering some of the stops I’ve made on road trips but it is impressive.
The Coneys will only set you back about $1.75 which is incredible. The chili sauce is a family recipe and with good reason is kept secret. I had my Coneys with sauce, mustard and diced onion…the way every good American should eat it. Sorry guys but no ketchup for me on hot dogs.

The Breaded Pork Loin is a thing in Indiana but I never did try one. My interest was piqued when I saw “Breaded Cheeseburger” on the menu. I asked if they knew the history of this particular food but they didn’t. I had seen it on one other menu in Indiana though. It must be a state or regional thing. This particular breaded cheeseburger is not made by them but it’s a drop in the fryer and fry product.

I really didn’t care much for it but it’s a popular sandwich on their menu. I just wonder if anyone in the state of Indiana makes a freshly battered version, that would be worth exploring.

Definitely hit up The Nook for an absolutely awesome Coney Dog and for the super friendly service.

The Nook
223 West Van Buren Street
Columbia City, Indiana 46725
Facebook: The Nook

Marcela also stopped in to the Brewha Coffee House right after The Nook while I waited in the car. She ordered and thoroughly enjoyed a Spice Chai Latte with Almond Milk, whatever that means.

Meanwhile, I was the recipient of some creamy fudge for my patience so it worked out well for me too.


Brewha Coffee House
Instagram: @Brewha_Coffee_House
Facebook: Brewha Coffee House
120 N Main St
Columbia City, IN 46725

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