5 Great Burger Gifts for the Holidays

I never get great burger gifts for the holidays and wondered if there aren’t any good ones out there. Bobbleheads? Funkos? Nah, I don’t want those.

If you’re going to give me some thoughtless gift cards, maybe take a little dive into the beautiful world of the burger-verse. The gifts are out, and these five great burger gifts are perfect for any holiday or birthday….maybe even an anniversary!

Burger Drink Coasters?

What do you get for the person who has everything? Probably not Burger Coasters, but the holidays are rapidly approaching, and I wouldn’t mind a set myself.

Burger Spatula Would Make A Great Gift

Burger Sasquash Spatula
Sasquash Spatula by Burger Iron

What do you get, the Burger lover who has it all? You guessed it, but maybe it’s cause I included a picture. I own a Sasquash Burger spatula, even though I never want to dirty it since it looks so cool. This bad boy is 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches wide with a beveled edge to scrape those hamburgs. It also weighs one pound, so it’s packing some heat; I mean, it can smash some meat.

A Burger Smasher Is A Better Gift OR Get BOTH

Burger Iron's Sasquash Burger Smasher
Sasquash Burger Smasher by Burger Iron

At our Cruz Diablo Burger Popups, we use the Sasquash Smasher to get the perfect smash on our burgers. If you need a burger smasher, you can count on this fella; plus, who doesn’t like Bigfoot?

French Fry Holder For Your Car

French Fry Holder For Your Car
French Fry Holder For Your Car

What happens when you’re driving and trying to eat some fries from the bag? Why not make your life easier and get one of these handy dandy French Fry Holders for your car? Did I ask a question and respond with a question? Absolutely.

Cheeseburger Pool Party Tube

If l like to lounge in the pool, I’m pretty sure I’d want this cheeseburger tube. One doesn’t exist without lettuce and tomato but imagine yourself floating around eating your favorite burger on a lazy Sunday afternoon. By the way, no floating and eating vegan burgers… it’s a no-no!

BURGER BEAST Stuff and Things

All About the Burger Book

I can’t miss the opportunity to mention that I wrote a book called All About the Burger, which chronicles the history of the hamburger sandwich and the restaurants that popularized it.

Burger Beast Tees

I have a pretty good selection of Burger Beast t-shirts, including one sized for kids. The Burger Beast Frita Order Up t-shirt features two of my favorite things, car hops and the frita cubana!

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