A Lo Cubano Kitchen Food Truck

A Lo Cubano Kitchen is a food truck that is based out of Orlando, Florida but does events throughout Central Florida. The menu consists of classic Cuban food & new fusion dishes.

Whenever I’m in Central Florida or the Orlando area to be precise, I track down my friends from A Lo Cubano Cuban Kitchen. I’m all about croquetas, and their Chorizo Picante & Manchego Cheese Croquetas are second to none.

They’ve accepted my invitation multiple times for my Croquetapalooza event, that should tell you how much faith I have in their croqueta skills.

They’ve got a bunch of great sandwiches including a Frita Cubana that has a little bit of heat on the tail end of each bite.

You’ll need to leave room for their Cuban Torrejas topped with guava and cream cheese foam. These Cuban Torrejas are the love child of french toast and a pastelito de guayaba y cheese (Cuban guava & cheese pastry).

So many people tell me they can’t find real deal Miami-style Cuban food in Orlando, but guess what? I’ve got news for you. A Lo Cubano Kitchen is exactly what they’ve been looking for. So stop complaining, track them down on social media, and satisfy your Cuban food cravings.

Chorizo Picante & Manchego Cheese Croquetas

Cuban Torrejas topped with Guava & Cream Cheese Foam

Tostadas, Croquetas and Tomato Jam

Super Cuban Sandwich

Pan con Lechón

Cubano Benedict

Pumpkin Spice Arroz con Leche by Sweet Baby Girl Jams

A Lo Cubano Kitchen Food Truck
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