The Crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi

Abe’s Bar-B-Q was our first stop when we arrived in Clarksdale, Mississippi.


It’s got some great history behind it, how could it not? Let me explain.

In 1924, the Bungalow-Inn opened its doors. It made a name for itself selling the South’s most delicious BBQ.

After the first World War, its founder Abraham Davis moved the restaurant to the crossroads of U.S. 49 & 61. The new location sat right next to where Delta blues legend Robert Johnson would allegedly sell his soul to the devil.

In 1960, the Bungalow-Inn became Abe’s Bar-B-Q to honor its founder.


My wife Marcela and I were 100% positive that the first thing we try needed to be a Hot Tamale.

Although the history is shaky as to where these gems came from, one thing is for sure; they are must-eats.

If you’re in the area and really wanna go hardcore, then you should probably follow the Southern Foodways Alliance’s Hot Tamale Trail Map.

The hot tamales are rather small, and just a few bites, but they’re addictive. They were like mixing a tasty corn tortilla with some great chili.

I’d skip over the cheeseburger and head straight for the chili cheese dog served on a white squishy burger bun or even the cup of chili. The burger needed some of the magic from the majestic chili.

I may have also sampled a bite of the Bar-B-Q Pork Sandwich and Marcela’s Bar-B-Q plate, but it was the hot tamales and chili that left me mesmerized.

I ask for the check and then think better of it. Can I please get an order of chili cheese fries?

Those chili cheese fries were so good that I’d consider selling my soul for them, honestly.

Abe's Bar-B-Q Menu Front
Abe’s Bar-B-Q Menu Front
Abe's Bar-B-Q Menu Back
Menu Back
Hot Tamales
Hot Tamales
Cup of Chili
Chili Cheese Fries
Chili Cheese Fries
Chili Cheese Dog
Chili Cheese Dog
BBQ Sandwich
Bar-B-Q Pork Sandwich
Bar-B-Q Pork Plate w/Beans, Cole Slaw & Bread
Bar-B-Q Pork Plate w/Beans, Cole Slaw & Bread

I Gotta Be Honest, You Need This:

Abe’s Bar-B-Q
616 N State Street
Clarksdale, Mississippi


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