Al Carbon Stuffed Burgers in Miami
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Since 2005, Al Carbon has pleased its cult fans with their chargrilled stuffed burgers and Colombian inspired cuisine. All the meats are cooked on charcoal hence the name Al Carbon.

Al Carbon (2280 Coral Way, Miami) has re-invented itself a couple of times, and I really love its current incarnation. It’s now a stuffed burger (Juicy Lucy to burger fans), and craft beer bar that serves some crowd-pleasing Colombian dishes.

I was kinda stand-offish on its burgers when I first tried them years ago. Now I think their Hawaiian and Blue cheese stuffed burgers should be in the Juicy Lucy hall of fame. Share a beef empanada while you’re there and don’t skip out on those little yellow potatoes, they’re extremely addictive.

My first visit to Al Carbon was way back in 2009, which I documented for this blog. Scroll below to read it if you absolutely must.

Al Carbon Food Pictures

Al Carbon Miami Yellow Potatoes
Yellow Potatoes
Chicken Wings tossed in Hot Sauce
Chicken Wings tossed in Hot Sauce
Al Carbon Beef Empanada
Al Carbon Beef Empanada
Al Carbon Blue Cheese Burger
Blue Cheese Burger with some Blue Cheese oozing
Al Carbon Hawaiian Burger
Hawaiian Burger with steak fries
Al Carbon Stuffed Burger
Stuffed Burger

Original Al Carbon Post

May 13th, 2009 – Another Colombian Fast Food Joint? I had sworn off all Comida Rapida spots after the debacle that is Que Perros, plus I pissed some dude off enough with my comments that he left a near unreadable retort worth checking out alone. So after some convincing from a few online friends, I decided to give it a go.

I’ve driven past this place at least a half dozen times and not gone in because it was packed. My wife Marcela and I decide to go on a Monday night for dinner, and it wasn’t too bad. It looks pretty cool inside with cowhide on the wall and a nice looking bar.

Potatoes to start with

We decide on salchipapas and the papa asada (con salsa de queso) as our starters. A salchipapa is a dish with hot dog or smoked sausage slivers with french fries. Papa asada is a baked potato. At Al Carbon, it comes with a cheese sauce. I had never eaten salchipapas before. It was good for what it was, but it seemed like it needed something else, possibly a sauce. The papa asada was well; well it was a baked potato. If you like baked potatoes, you’ll like this. We couldn’t quite place our fingers on what was in the sauce. It didn’t have an overpowering taste, and after trying to figure out what it was for a few minutes, we gave up. Marcela asked the waitress. It turns out that she didn’t know. The kitchen tell us it’s cream cheese with different spices…interesting.

Splitting things

Marcela and I split 2 things, the Hawaiian burger and a caramelized onions and blue cheese hot dog. There are a few things near the top of my least favorite toppings; pineapple and coleslaw are them. The hot dog was solid. The slaw’s placement under the charred dog, definitely made it a non-factor. I was ok with that. Next time, I would definitely go for a different flavor combination next time.

Now the Hawaiian Burger I really loved. It was stuffed with pineapple and Swiss cheese, and it tasted pretty amazing. I’m not so sure this burger will appeal to the masses, though, because of the seasoned meat. The roll used for the burgers is fluffy. They are near perfect for a burger, plus it has some branding on it; a nice touch. The good thing is they deliver, and since I’m not too far from there, I may take them up on that offer.

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