Apple Pie Hot Dog Collab by Guy Fieri and Chevy

I spend my day deleting pitch emails about products, collaborations, and events I have no interest in. So it was a pleasant surprise to see one make it to my inbox with Chevy & Guy Fieri teaming up for an Apple Pie Hot Dog. Now, this was something I could get behind.

The entire idea behind this Avengers-style team-up revolves around the 1970s Chevy jingle with the phrase, “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet.”

The Classic Chevy Jingle

Here’s a remix of Chevy’s Baseball, Hot Dogs & Apple Pie jingle.

Field of Dreams?

As I continue to read the email, the plot thickens. A few more things are unearthed that perk up my food senses. Number one, they’re collaborating on an Apple Pie Hot Dog. I love hot dogs and apple pies, but I’m unsure how I feel about its offspring.

This deal is tied to the MLB at Field of Dreams on Thursday, August 12th, 2021. The same Dyersville, Iowa farm cornfield was removed to rebuild the iconic field from the 1989 baseball classic Field of Dreams. An actual game will be played between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees.

So, here is a recap up until this point. I love Chevy. After partnering with them years ago for a road trip, I bought a Tahoe. Check out the hashtag #chevybeasting

I like Guy Fieri. He and I have a few friends in common. Both times I’ve spoken to him, he was cool. I do without the whole flip-flop thing, but that’s a personal preference kinda thing.

I love hot dogs and apple pies and adore Field of Dreams. There is no better sports film. Well, maybe Bull Durham is a close second.

Everyone who attends the August 12th baseball game will be able to try Guy’s creation, the Apple Pie Hot Dog.

Where Do I Fit Into This?

Guy Fieri + Chevy Apple Pie Hot Dog Swag
Apple Pie Hot Dog Swag

I was sent a box with the ingredients to make my own Apple Pie Hot Dog and a branded oven mitt, cap, cloth napkin, and a red oval basket to serve the sweet wieners.

Also, luck for my unskilled baking ass, a ready-to-bake Apple Pie Hot Dog was included.

There were recipe and instructions cards included in my box, which I’ve posted below. In addition, on Chevy’s YouTube channel, there is a guide where Guy walks you through the steps of making your own Apple Pie Hot Dog at home.

Guess what? You now have the tools to recreate one in your home. So please don’t say I never did anything for you, lol.

Apple Pie Hot Dog Recipe

Apple Pie Hot Dog Collab by Chevy + Guy Fieri
Apple Pie Hot Dog Collab by Chevy + Guy Fieri, picture courtesy of them
Guy Fieri + Chevy Apple Pie Hot Dog Recipe -Recipe
Guy Fieri + Chevy Apple Pie Hot Dog Recipe
Guy Fieri + Chevy Apple Pie Hot Dog Instructions
Guy Fieri + Chevy Apple Pie Hot Dog Instructions

Apple Pie Hot Dog

I took my ready-to-bake Apple Pie Hot Dog out of the packaging and used an air fryer to make it. I use a Cuisinart convection toaster oven airfryer combo unit for all my baking and heating at home.

After setting the bake feature to 350 degrees, I watched the little fella through the little window until it had the golden color I was looking for. Unfortunately, it has some sugar, which causes the darker spots.

I used the included mini bottle of apple mustard to drizzle along the top and finish with chopped bits of real bacon. Then I wait for it to cool a little bit.

Guy Fieri + Chevy Apple Pie Hot Dog
Guy Fieri + Chevy Apple Pie Hot Dog

Final Thoughts?

I liken my first bite of the Apple Pie Hot Dog to when I ate the Luther Burger at a carnival for the first time. My brain was trying to wrap itself around what I was eating. The equivalent of “this does not compute.”

Does it work? Yes. Could it be much better with some tweaks? Absolutely.

I enjoyed the Apple Pie Hot Dig with some reservations. The bacon didn’t add much to the overall flavor. I understand the drizzle on top is to mimic as if it were a ballpark dog. Yet, it will probably work better with a dipping sauce component. Maybe a bacon apple mustard? I don’t know; I’m just throwing that out there.

This is version 1 of this creation, and it will probably evolve. I imagine a corn dog version (apple & bacon-infused batter) with a mustard dipping sauce.

In the meantime, you have the recipe to make it at home. If you attempt a corn dog version, my mailing address is listed online; hint, hint.

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