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I created the Burger BEAST Box out of a public need during the pandemic. The Father’s Day BEAST Box was the first one out of the gate, and it finally brought dads a gift they could genuinely enjoy on Father’s Day.

This box featured fresh ground beef burgers, Tillamook cheddar cheese, Martin’s Potato Rolls, Babe’s Meat & Counter bacon, and a bottle of my Guava Sriracha Ketchup.

Since then, we’ve created BEAST Boxes that feature not only burgers and hot dogs but also one that has products produced locally in Miami. That box, the 305 BEAST Box, was our most popular until we unleashed the ready-to-eat Croqueta Palooza Burger BEAST Box.

In April 2021, I partnered with some of my favorite food folks in Miami for the ready-to-eat Burger Beast Box at Arbetter’s.

Previous Burger BEAST Boxes

Burger BEAST Box for National Burger Month 2022
Burger BEAST Box for National Burger Month 2022
Father's Day Burger Beast Box 2021
Father’s Day Burger Beast Box 2021
Burger BEAST Holiday Box
Inside the Burger BEAST Holiday Box
Croqueta Palooza 2020 BEAST Box
Inside the Croqueta Palooza 2020 Burger BEAST Box
Inside the 305 BEAST Box
Inside the 305 BEAST Box
Inside the BEAST Box
Inside the Original Burger BEAST Box for Father’s Day

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