These are the BEST Patty Melts in South Florida!

When I say Patty Melt, I think of the traditional kind. We’re talking about a beef burger patty with caramelized or grilled onions and Swiss cheese on rye bread.

Once assembled, the sandwich is griddled, usually with some butter. But these days, anything between two buns passes for a patty melt.

For this Best Patty Melt in South Florida list, we will be loosey-goosey regarding what makes the cut. That means different cheeses, types of bread, toasting technique, and even sauces are in play.

So rather than hold you up, go forth and find your next favorite patty melt. I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts.

Go ahead and leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Patty Melts from Mom & Pop Restaurants

Grilled Cheese Burger from Chefs on the Run in Homestead, Florida

Chefs on the Run

At Chefs on the Run, I’m all about the Chef La Burger, topped with pastrami and creole mustard. However, if you ask nicely, Chef Jodrick will make you a Grilled Cheeseburger with onions cooked to your favorite temp.

Chefs on the Run
10 E Mowry Drive
Homestead, FL
(305) 245-0085

Patty Melt from Coral Bagel in Miami, Florida

Coral Bagels

Coral Bagels is an excellent spot for breakfast, but if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice a patty melt on the menu. You’d be making a big mistake if you didn’t order one with some shoestring fries.

Coral Bagels
2750 SW 26th Avenue
Miami, FL
(305) 854-0336

Patty Melt from Flashback Diner in Davie, Florida

Flashback Diner

Some folks think the Ollie Burger is the must-have from the Flashback Diner, but you need the patty melt as someone who’s tried it all. Also, don’t forget to eat a slice of pie while there.

Flashback Diner
4125 Davie Road
Davie, FL
(954) 321-3400

Patty Melt from Grampa's Cafe in Dania Beach, Florida

Grampa’s Cafe & Deli

I had to eat the patty melt from Grampa’s, which is no surprise as this is one of the sandwiches I obsess over. One bite in, and I knew it had to be on the list.

Grampa’s Cafe & Deli
17 SW 1st Street
Dania Beach, FL
(954) 923-2163

Patty Melt from Hate Mondays Tavern in Kendall, Florida

Hate Mondays Tavern

When most folks think of Hate Mondays Tavern, barbecue is on their minds. But, unfortunately, you would be missing out on a real-deal patty melt on rye bread and an award-winning burger on the menu if you stick to the ‘que.

Hate Mondays Tavern
12461 Southwest 130th Street
Miami, FL
(305) 378-4900

Patty Melt from Mayor's Cafe in Pembroke Pines

Mayor’s Cafe

Mayor’s Cafe‘s Patty Melt is a half-pound chargrilled burger with Swiss cheese and grilled onions on griddled rye. This is a traditional patty melt that could brighten up any breakfast.

Mayor’s Cafe
1677 N Hiatus Road
Pembroke Pines, FL
(954) 538-3636

Patty Melt from Moonlite Diner in Hollywood, Florida

Moonlite Diner

When I think diner, I think patty melts. The Moonlite Diner in Hollywood is no different. They got a bad mama jama (marbled rye bread) on their hands, and you need to wash it down with some pecan pie; trust me.

Moonlite Diner
3500 Oakwood Boulevard
Hollywood, FL
(954) 924-2012

Patty Melt from Ms. Cheezious in Miami, Florida

Ms. Cheezious

I can remember a time when Ms. Cheezious only served grilled cheeses. Then, once their restaurant opened on Biscayne Boulevard with that beautiful neon, a patty melt with pimento cheese became part of the regular menu. So now, everything was right with the world again.

Ms. Cheezious
7418 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL
(305) 989-4019

Patty Melt from Peter Pan Diner in Oakland Park, Florida

Peter Pan Diner

I couldn’t resist stopping at the Peter Pan Diner. But seeing a patty melt on the menu was even more exciting than a restaurant named after that fella. Was it a surprise? Not really, but it’s freakin’ delicious.

Peter Pan Diner
1216 E Oakland Park Boulevard
Oakland Park, FL
(954) 565-7177

Double Patty Melt from Royal Castle in Miami, Florida

Royal Castle

Who knew that Royal Castle has an incredible patty melt? The correct answer is not me! Yet, they do, so next time you drop in for a 6-pack of sliders, don’t hesitate to order this gem. And this was the secret menu double patty melt I ate, shhh…

Royal Castle
2700 NW 79th Street
Miami, FL
(305) 696-8241

Patty Melt from KUSH by Stephens Deli in Hialeah, Florida

KUSH by Stephen’s

At KUSH by Stephen’s, they keep it traditional with their patty melt. They’ve been around since 1954, so I wouldn’t expect anything less. So my two cents, skip the fries and eat the potato pancakes.

KUSH by Stephen’s
1000 E 16th Street
Hialeah, FL
(305) 887-8863

Patty Melts from Chain Restaurants

I can’t, with good conscience, suggest Steak ‘n Shake cause the South Florida locations are not very good at executing the food consistently.

Patty Melt from BurgerFi in Doral, Florida


There’s a patty melt at BurgerFi? Yes, and it’s a double patty and very good. You’ll be in heaven if you pair it with their fresh-cut fries.

3530 NW 83rd Avenue
Doral, FL
(305) 856-9918

Patty Melt from Dennys in Miami, Florida


OF the 24-hour coffee shop spots in South Florida, IHOP has been my go-to patty melt restaurant. Not anymore, as Denny’s melt has the right amount of everything going on. I’m dead serious about this.

7411 NW 36th Street
Miami, FL
(305) 592-0846

One last thing, don’t forget to check out my Patty Melt History post.

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  1. Went to Brooks in Naples. They have a traditional Patty Melt that was great. We love traveling to towns up the east and west roast of Florida. You will inevitably find a local diner with a good patty melt. My local favorite is Kush Hialeah. Thanks for the list!


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