McDonald’s BEST Burger Hack You Can Eat

How about I tell you the story about the best possible McDonald’s burger hack you can ever hope to eat?

I was excited over the moon when McDonald’s switched their Quarter Pounders to fresh beef. Unfortunately, the new QP did not taste like its previous incarnation.

Sure, the same ingredients were there: the sesame seed bun, pickles, onion slivers, cheese, mustard, and ketchup. But it was better, way better! No doubt, there was no beating this new hot off-the-flat-top burger.

McDonald's Quarter Pounder on Artisan Potato Bun
McDonald’s Quarter Pounder on the Artisan Potato Bun

I also realized that the Double Quarter Pounder was superior to the single. It might have something to do with the double cheese action, although I’m sure you can add an extra slice of the neon stuff to the single.

When McDonald’s updated their chicken sandwich game, they introduced some artisan potato rolls. So, I thought, why aren’t the Quarters Pounders served on these?

I did what any self-respecting long-term Quarter Pounder fan would do; I asked them to sub the sesame seed bun for the toasted potato roll. Initially, it was a bit of a mission to order correctly in the drive-thru.

I persevered and received the beauty below.

The Quarter Pounder on potato roll was great, but I realized that I had messed up the minute I got home. I made what I call a rookie mistake. I didn’t know when my next visit to McDonald’s would be, but I already knew what I’d be ordering.

Ordering the Quarter Pounder Hack

McDonald’s BEST Burger Hack

The Best Burger at McDonald's?
The Best Burger at McDonald’s?

A few weeks later, I had a craving for a Quarter Pounder, so game on. Again, I pulled up to the drive-thru, and this time, I knew what to say:

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, sub the regular bread for your new Artisan Potato Roll. No ketchup or mustard; please sub for Big Mac Sauce.

They understood my vocabulary; I was good. I paid at the first window, made my way to the second window, and picked up my sack. After pulling up about a car length, I took the box out to double-check that everything was all right. It was.

McDonald's Quarter Pounder on Artisan Potato Bun with Big Mac Sauce
McDonald’s Quarter Pounder on Artisan Potato Bun with Big Mac Sauce

I got home, tore open the box, and snapped pictures. It didn’t look as lovely as the Double Quarter Pounder I ate a few weeks back. However, that didn’t matter since this was superior in the taste department.

Over the last 13 years of this blog, I’ve eaten thousands of burgers. I’ve probably eaten thousands of burgers at McDonald’s my entire lifetime, and guess what?

My Quarter Pounder is the best possible burger you can eat at McDonald’s, waybetter than those menu hacks they promoted.

Trust me on that.

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s BEST Burger Hack You Can Eat”

  1. You know Beast, good idea. I ordered one at a location in Cutler Bay. Ordering went smoothly. Execution mwah. I got one pattie good, one dry and hard. Big Mac sauce squirted half on, half off the sandwich. Weird thing, they served me the dehydrated onions instead of the sliced onions. Huh?

    The server was hot, so whatever. I will try again at my work location at sw 122 ave and coral way.


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