Big Boy Restaurant in Sanford, Florida

I grew up eating at Bob’s Big Boy during summers when I visited my paternal grandmother, who lived in Glendale, California. I hoped to recapture some of that magical time in my life by visiting a Big Boy that I had heard had opened up in Sanford, Florida.

Frisch’s Big Boy might sound much more familiar to you if you grew up in the Midwest. In February 2009, I went to Atlanta, Georgia, with a couple of my buddies to eat; that’s it.

I planned to stop at the Big Boy restaurant on the way up, but my supposed pals had other ideas. It made us venture too far west, so I was outvoted two to one.

Big Boy Double Deck Hamburger
Big Boy Double Deck Hamburger

Years later (during National Burger Month), I convinced my wife to drive there while we stayed in Orlando. Sanford is just north of there.

I was excited during the drive and even more excited when I saw the 8-foot-tall Big Boy outside the restaurant. All that excitement went away once I ate the Big Boy.

*So much so that I lost interest in documenting the experience on the Burger Beast Blog.

8 Foot Tall Big Boy Statue
Neon Orange Buffalo Style Chicken Tenders
Onion Rings & Fries
Triple-Decker Turkey Club Sandwich
Big Boy Double Deck Hamburger
Big Boy Double Deck Hamburger

Yes, the Big Boy looks like a Big Mac, and no, Big Boy did not copy McDonald’s. It was the other way around, a true story.

But then again, you might have known that already if you read my book All About the Burger.

*This post was written after the Sanford Big Boy location shut down.

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