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I met Blue Collar’s Chef Danny Serfer many years ago at Sakaya Kitchen. He would then move away to New York for a bit and then return with his idea for Blue Collar.

Danny emailed me and a copy of the menu and asked for my thoughts. All of the starters looked great, but I wasn’t sold on most of the main dishes. It turns out I was wrong. That’s ok cause I’ve never happier to be wrong in my life.

I’ve been to Blue Collar, run by Chef Danny Serfer, well over 30 times since they opened and have not left disappointed.

Every time I try to eat something different from my last visit, honestly and truthfully, it’s hard. You really should have The Big Ragout (pork, veal shoulder & brisket mix in hollowed out bread with fresh mozzarella).

It’s unbelievable. Oh, and also get the mashed potatoes; they’re heavenly.

If you love burgers, then the Real Juicy Cheeseburger with the best fresh-cut fries in town will make your day.

Blue Collar Menus

Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
Brunch Menu

Blue Collar Food Pictures

Check out what doing it Burger Beast-style looks like below:

Mashed Potatoes
Mac & Cheese
Cuban Spring Rolls
Potato Pancakes
Loaded Potato Pancakes
Fried Smoked Gouda
Pimento Cheese
Fresh Cut Fries
Pork & Beans
Grilled Cheese
Billy Corben Brisket Sandwich
Grilled Chicken Breast
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich
The Big Ragout Sandwich
Real Juicy Cheeseburger
Real Juicy Cheeseburger on Portuguese Muffin
Heath Bar Bread Pudding
Chocolate Cake with ice-cold milk
Blue Collar Mug

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