Bobby’s Burger Palace in Kendall, Florida

I was lucky enough to get invited for a special preview of Bobby’s Burger Palace in Miami. In addition, I also had the opportunity to interview its owner, Bobby Flay, briefly before they opened the doors to the general public at Noon.

Dadeland Mall was the location of Bobby Flay’s first Bobby’s Burger Palace in Florida. It was located in the new wing of the mall where the Limited was once located. They were hoping that this would be the beginning of Bobby’s South Florida expansion.

Bobby Flay at Bobby's Burger Palace in Miami
Bobby Flay at Bobby’s Burger Palace in Miami

The burgers at Bobby’s Burger Palace can be “Crunchified” or topped with potato chips. I’ve had quite a few of these dudes over the years at the South Beach Burger Bash, and they’ve always been delicious.

The burgers, fries, and shakes I sampled are pictured below. Definitely use their sauces; my two favorites were the Burger Sauce (perfect for the Brunch Burger) and the Jalapeño Hot Sauce (which paired perfectly with the Miami Burger).

Miami is a rough town for out-of-town burger joints. After a five-year run in Miami, Bobby’s Burger Palace closed its doors in December 2018.

Bobby's Burger Palace at Dadeland Mall
Bobby’s Burger Palace at Dadeland Mall
Fresh Cut Fries
Fresh Cut Fries w/BBP Fry Sauce
L.A. Burger
L.A. Burger – Avocado Relish, Watercress, Cheddar Cheese & Tomato
Bobby's Burger Palace Miami Burger
Miami Burger – Pressed with Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Mustard & Mayo
Brunch Burger
Brunch Burger – Fried Egg, Bacon & American Cheese
Bobby's Burger Palace CrunchBurger
CrunchBurger – Double American Cheese & Potato Chips
Bobby's Burger Palace Shakes
Black & White, Vanilla Caramel Bourbon & Mocha Kahlua Vodka Shakes

Burger Beast interviews Bobby Flay Video

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