Boyce General Store – Alvaton, Kentucky

I absolutely love Brie (@ThePieQueen_BG) and Brad Golliher who own Boyce General Store. We met a few years back when I stopped in to grab a burger and some Southern hospitality. We became fast friends and the following year they made the 15-hour drive to Miami to compete at my Hamburger House Party in 2018. The ball was now in my court.

When writing the chapter on Burger Regional Specialties for my book All About The Burger I mentioned my love for Boyce General Store’s Pimento Cheeseburger which they affectionately call the Pig-Mento. We (my wife Marcela and I) needed to see them again and I really needed to get my hands on that Pig-Mento again so Boyce became the first stop on my book signing road trip.

As luck would have it, the Friday of our book signing was also the same night that they host their weekly fish fry. I’m not a big seafood guy but damn was it good.

It was a perfect event where I was reunited with the Pig-Mento, got to hang with Brie & Brad, met some folks, made some new friends, signed some books and then I was able to enjoy the incredible Chess Pie that Brie aka the Pie Queen of Bowling Green makes.

Also, thank you to Charlie Durham for donating a box of the late 1970s and early 1980s McDonaldland toys to my Burger Museum collection, they will love their new home.

Boyce General Store Menu Board (click to enlarge)
Pig-Mento Burger
Grilled 3 Cheese Sandwich
The deepest Honey Mustard container I’ve ever seen
Southern-style Chicken Tenders
Boyce General Store’s Fish Fry on Fridays
Mini Apple Pie
Mini Chess Pie
A variety of Pie Queen of Bowling Green’s Mini Pies
Pie Queen of Bowling Green’s Shipped Pies
Kentucky Pie (Chocolate Chip Pecan)
Poptarts in the oven


My view from my book signing table before the event started

The Pie Queen of Bowling Green and Burger Beast
After the event (l-r): Brad Golliher, Brie Golliher, Burger Beast and Marcela Beast

Double Header in Alvaton:

Boyce General Store
10551 Woodburn Allen Springs Road
Alvaton, KY 42122