Terry Bradshaw Ranch Angus Burgers Review

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When the opportunity presented itself to try the Bradshaw Ranch Burgers, I jumped at it. Holten, who makes my favorite frozen burger on the market, produces these fellas.

The Bradshaw in the name is NFL legend, Terry Bradshaw. Three Angus burger varieties (beef, cheddar & bacon, and cheddar, bacon & garlic) are available in one-third or quarter-pound patties.

Bradshaw Ranch Angus Burgers
A collage I made of Bradshaw Ranch Angus Burgers box pictures I took

Per the instructions, the burgers were kept frozen until we were ready to grill. They look identical to many of the frozen burger patties I’ve eaten over the years with the ridges.

I wondered why frozen patties have these markings on only one side for a long time. It’s to prevent the burger from bulging up and to make for even cooking.

Bradshaw Ranch Frozen Burgers on the Grill
Frozen Burgers on the Grill

I doubted these burgers would look good once the flames took hold, but I was wrong. Instead, these frozen patties looked mighty fine.

Bradshaw Ranch Grilling Burgers
Bradshaw Ranch Grilling Burgers

Then I threw on a slice of American cheese and slid them into a soft squishy Martin’s potato bun. The burger looked great and had my mouth watering.

Bradshaw Ranch 1/3 lb. Beef Burger
1/3 lb. Beef Burger

Squeezing & Tasting Burgers

Many folks swear by the squeeze test to see how juicy the burger comes out. Check out the picture below, and it says it all.

By the way, if you overcook your burgers to hell, I wouldn’t be expecting these kinds of results. I like to eat my fresh beef burger Medium, but when cooking frozen patties, I find that Medium Well is the sweet spot.

Bradshaw Ranch Burger Halves
Burger Squeeze Test on the Bradshaw Ranch 1/3 lb Burger

The regular burger was tops in my book, then the cheddar & bacon, followed by the garlic fellow. My tastes are generally classic, and I like to steer clear of anything that can be gimmicky unless they deliver the goods.

My friends preferred the cheddar cheese, bacon & garlic burger over the others. And now I leave the decision in your hands to try all three Bradshaw Ranch Burgers and tell me which one you prefer.

If you’re looking for these beef babies, a quick search on their website shows that Fresco y Mas, Publix, Winn Dixie, and even GFS carry the Bradshaw Ranch Burgers near me.

Bradshaw Ranch with Burger Sharks circling below
Bradshaw Ranch Burger with Burger Sharks circling below

Bradshaw Recipes

Five Bradshaw Ranch recipes were attached to the press release, so I’ve included them below. Do whatever your heart desires with them and if you do make them, let me know how it went.

Bradshaw Bourbon BBQ Sauce

  • 1-gallon ketchup
  • 2 cups rice vinegar
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 cups Bradshaw bourbon
  • 1/2 Worcestershire
  • One large onion chopped
  • 1.5 tbsp. chopped garlic
  • 1 tbsp. Cayenne
  • 1/2 tbsp. Ground clove
  • 1 tbsp. Smoked paprika
  • Three bay leaves


  1. Sweat onions until translucent, add bourbon and burn off the alcohol.
  2. Add brown sugar with reaming spices and vinegar.
  3. Cook down by a 3rd about 7 minutes on medium-high heat.
  4. Add ketchup and salt and pepper.
  5. Cook on medium heat for about 25 to 30 minutes.
  6. Let cool and blend.

Bradshaw Ranch Patty Melt

  • 1 thick and juicy patty per person. I recommend the bacon cheddar
  • Bradshaw bourbon BBQ sauce
  • Sliced white onions
  • Sliced smoked cheddar cheese (or your favorite cheese)
  • Sourdough bread
  • Bacon
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Heat grill or pan to 350 degrees.
  2. Season the frozen Bradshaw ranch thick and juicy patty with salt and pepper. 
  3. Place patty directly from the freezer onto pan or gill.
  4. In a separate Sauté pan, cook bacon to desired crispiness, remove bacon when done, and do not discard bacon fat.
  5. Cook sliced white onion with salt and pepper in the same pan as the bacon, using the fat as oil. Cook onions until translucent.
  6. Flip burgers at 5 minutes, place onions directly on top of the patty and then add your sliced cheese to cover the onions.
  7. Slather two pieces of sourdough bread with mayo (one side only).
  8. Place mayo side down on your sauté pan; this will create a nice golden crispy toast
  9. now add another slice of cheese to one side of the bread as if you were making a grilled cheese sandwich.
  10. Once the cheese is melted, the burger is cooked to 165 degrees, about 4 minutes after flipping.
  11. Place bacon on the side of bread with cheese on it.
  12. Place patty on top of the bacon, and top with your other piece of bread.
  13. Cut in half and serve with dill pickles and a side of BBQ sauce for dipping.

Bradshaw Beans

  • 2lb ground beef
  • ½ lb. bacon
  • Two bell peppers
  • One white onion
  • Two cans each of black beans, red beans, navy beans
  • 2 cups Bradshaw bourbon bbq sauce or your favorite bbq sauce
  • One large foil pan


  1. Preheat oven or smoker to 350 degrees.
  2. Brown ground meat and drain off fat.
  3. Open, rinse, drain half the beans, and keep half with the juice.
  4. Mix all ingredients in a large foil pan, cover with foil, and bake or smoke for 40 minutes, uncover, and cook for another 30 minutes.

Bourbon Hot Wings

  • 1 -2 lbs chicken wings
  • 1 cup Chef Noah’s Hawaiian chili pepper water
  • ½ cup Bradshaw Bourbon BBQ sauce
  • Two tbsp melted butter


  1. Season wings with salt and pepper.
  2. Bake (400 degrees) or fry (375 degrees) your hot wings until 165 degrees internal temperature.
  3. Mix all bbq sauce, chili water, and melted butter in a large bowl and toss wings in the sauce.
  4. Serve with ranch and celery spears.

Bradshaw Mint Julep

  • 8 Mint leaves
  • ¼ oz of simple syrup
  • 2 oz of Bradshaw Bourbon
  • Garnish: Mint sprig


  1. In a Julep glass, muddle the mint leaves in the simple syrup.
  2. Add Bradshaw Bourbon and pack the glass with crushed ice.
  3. Stir until cold and garnish with a mint sprig; enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Terry Bradshaw Ranch Angus Burgers Review”

  1. Love these burgers! My husband and I are just thrilled we found these! After work neither of us want to cook but it’s so fast and they are just as good as if I made my own pattys. Great price as well! Thank you!

  2. Purchased Bradshaw garlic ranch ,butter beef patties box looks great actual burger not so much. Sorry Terry go back to playing football.

  3. My daughter gave me a case of burgers to try. I like the burgers they have a good taste. The only problem i ran into was that my wife found a metal twist tie in her burger and she refused to eat any more from that case so it was disposed of. Im pretty sure it was just an accident during production. I had taken a picture of the information on the box in case you have other issues


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