Brass Ring Pub in North Palm Beach, Florida

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Before stepping foot inside the Brass Ring Pub (200 US-1) in North Palm Beach, I was in love. Just by the looks of the outside, it’s the type of joint that gets me excited.

Brass Ring Pub Sign in North Palm Beach, Florida
Brass Ring Pub Sign

Brass Ring Pub reminds me of one of my all-time favorites, Keg South (Kendall, Pinecrest, but skip Homestead). They also have three locations: North Palm Beach (where we ate lunch), Jupiter, and Royal Palm Beach.

I’ve been told you need to hit up the Brass Ring Pub since this website started in 2008. It always became one of those the next time I’m in Palm Beach; I’ll hit them up stories.

Brass Ring Pub in North Palm Beach, Florida
Brass Ring Pub in North Palm Beach, Florida

At last, after more than ten years, the time has arrived. So there was an extra pep to my step as Marcela, and I made our way to those wood doors.

It kinda felt like we were opening the doors to Titty Twister from the film From Dusk Till Dawn. The main difference being, we weren’t about to be devoured by ravenous vampires.

If anyone was ravenous, it was the two of us.

Ice Cold Beer, I mean ICE Cold

Brass Ring Pub Beer Menu in North Palm Beach, Florida
Beer Menu

Dude, a pitcher of Yuengling for $8.25 is a steal. Two super frosty mugs were dropped with the ol’ ice in a sandwich bag routine to keep our beer at the right temp.

Every time I polished off a mug, our server brought another frosty replacement. These brewskis were hands down the coldest beer I’ve enjoyed in years.

Brass Ring Pub Burger & Sandwiches Menu in North Palm Beach, Florida
Burger & Sandwiches Menu

The rising cost of food has made it almost impossible to find reasonably priced chicken wings. However, ten buffalo wings will set you back about $14, and they were worth it.

You’re not getting any of those underdeveloped wings passed off nowadays by some restaurants. The ten were crispy and sauce with the right amount of bite from the sauce, definitely recommended.

Buffalo Chicken Wings from Brass Ring Pub  in North Palm Beach, Florida
Buffalo Chicken Wings

Marcela couldn’t decide if she wanted the dog or the burger. So I made the mistake of telling our server that we were sharing both dishes.

Sharing Burgers & Hot Dogs

What did that get each of us? Two platters, each with half a dog and half a burger. It was mighty thoughtful of her, but I’m not particularly fond of cutting burgers in half.

Brass Ring Pub 1/4 lb. Hot Dog in North Palm Beach, Florida
1/4 lb. Hot Dog

The quarter-pound all-beef wiener comes chargrilled on a toasted bun. I asked for relish, onion, and mustard (I added that myself afterward) in an attempt to recreate the All-Around from Arbetter’s.

It’s a solid cylindrical meat sandwich and one that could be enjoyed without toppings of any kind.

Brass Ring Pub 1/2 lb. Cheeseburger & Fries in North Palm Beach, Florida
1/2 lb. Cheeseburger & Fries

We ordered our bacon cheeseburger medium but got medium-rare. I was okay with it, but Marcela was out; she’s more of a medium-well kind of gal.

Brass Ring Pub 1/2 lb. Cheeseburger Half (cooked Med-Rare) & Fries in North Palm Beach, Florida
1/2 lb. Cheeseburger Half (cooked Med-Rare) with fries

Nothing beats a well-seasoned griddle or, in this case, chargrill. The smokey flavor enveloped every bite of the half-pounder.

You may have noticed there was mayo on that fella too. It’s my preferred condiment on grilled sandwiches; what a perfect little ditty.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Brass Ring Pub?

The Brass Ring Pub is to Palm Beach County what Keg South is to Miami-Dade County. It’s the highest compliment this Keg South fan can pay to another Florida mini-chain.

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