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Burger Barn – Jackson, Tennessee

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My wife Marcela and I, while searching out Antique Shops in Jackson, Tennessee, for my collection ran across the Burger Barn. When you see a sign that says, “Real Homemade Hamburgers,” you know that it’s a must-stop in my book. Burger Barn is an old school place your order at the window (where you also pick up the food) and then take a seat the covered picnic benches to enjoy your meal.

We’re in the South, so a chili dog must also be added to the equation. It wasn’t homemade chili, which kind of killed it for me. Marcela wants spicy fries, and since I agree to share them, I go along with her proposition. It was the right choice. I don’t usually like pre-spiced fries, but I enjoyed these.

Burger Barn Menu Board
Burger Barn Menu Board
Closeup of a Chili Dog
Chili Cheese Dog
Seasoned Fries in cardboard french fry sleeve
Spicy Fries

On the burger side of things, she goes all Patty Melt while I go Large Cheeseburger (aka 2 patties). I’m not quite sure I would consider what she was served a Patty Melt (toasted white bread instead of griddled buttered rye bread), but it did taste good, so that has to mean something, right? The Large Cheeseburger was a winner with added points for the little meat corner hanging out the bread. I’m telling you that for $3.29, this cannot be beaten.

Patty Melt on White Bread
Patty Melt
Closeup of a Double Cheeseburger
Large Cheeseburger

I just noticed while reviewing the Menu that Burger Barn also has hot wings…..and a Chuckwagon Steak Sandwich? This calls for a return visit.

I’m All About It:

Burger Barn
123 Lexington Ave Jackson, TN 38301

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