Cuban Guys in Hialeah

Burger Beast’s Favorite Things

These are just some of my favorite things….

Favorite Arepa: Doggi’s Arepa Bar

Favorite BBQ (New School): King of Racks BBQ

Shiver’s BBQ – Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole, Smoked Chicken & Ribs

Favorite BBQ (Old School): Shiver’s BBQ

Bocas House’s Pastel de Cachapa

Favorite Cachapa: Bocas House

Favorite Cafe con Leche: El Mago de las Fritas

Favorite Chain Restaurant (South Florida): Flanigan’s

Favorite Chain Restaurant (Nationwide): Cheesecake Factory

Favorite Chef: Daniel Serfer

Pinecrest Bakery’s Croquetas

Favorite Croqueta (New School): Pinecrest Bakery

Islas Canarias’ Croquetas

Favorite Croqueta (Old School): Islas Canarias

BreadMan Bakery’s Pizza Pastel

Favorite Cuban Bakery (New School: Breadman Bakery

Vicky Bakery’s Guava Pastelitos (behind display glass)

Favorite Cuban Bakery (Old School): Vicky Bakery

Empanada Harry’s Pepperoni & Cheese Empanada

Favorite Empanada: Empanada Harry’s

My Mom’s Flan

Favorite Flan: My Mom’s Flan

Favorite Food Truck – Dessert: HipPOPs handcrafted gelato bars

Favorite Food Truck – Taco: Taco Fresh

Taco Fresh Tacos
Needa’ Pita’s Spicy Chicken Shawarma

Favorite Food Truck – Savory: Needa’ Pita

Mignonette’s Fries

Favorite Fries: Mignonette (Uptown)

Favorite Frita Cubana (New School): Ariete

Favorite Frita Cubana (Old School): El Rey de las Fritas

Favorite Fritanga: Caña Brava

Favorite Hot Dog (New School): Sweet Dogs

Favorite Hot Dog (Old School): Arbetter’s

Favorite Ice Cream (New School): Azucar Ice Cream

Walls Old Fashioned Ice Cream – Cinnamon Roll Sundae

Favorite Ice Cream (Old School): Walls Ice Cream

Favorite Pan con Bistec: Cuban Guys

Favorite Pan con Tortilla: Sergio’s

Favorite Pizza (New School): Magic City Pizza

Frankie’s Pizza – Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite Pizza (Old School): Frankie’s Pizza

Favorite Restaurant (New School): Latin House

Favorite Restaurant (Old School): Duffy’s Tavern

My Dad’s Sandwich

Favorite Sandwich/Subs: My Dad’s Sandwiches

Favorite Sandwich/Subs (Restaurant): Super Subs Etc.

Charlie’s Ice Cream – M&M Avalanche

Favorite Soft Serve Ice Cream: Charlie’s Ice Cream

Favorite Mexican Restaurant (Old School): Mi Rinconcito Mexicano

never to be finished….

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