Burgers and Shakes in Lexington, Kentucky

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When I read about Burgers and Shakes (219 E New Circle Road) in Lexington, I knew it would fit nicely with the group restaurants I had just visited: A&W Burgers Chicken Floats, Blue Door Smokehouse, Frisch’s Big Boy, and Parkette Drive-In. The no-frills, keep it simple stupid menu at Burger s and Shakes is what I like to see when I visit an old-school burger joint.

Burger Shake Menu Board
Burgers and Shakes Menu Board

I skipped out on fries and went full speed ahead for the chili dog and double cheeseburger with a chocolate milkshake. When I unwrapped the dog, I was ecstatic to see no beans in the equation.

I made a shakey mustard trail down the middle and took a swig of that chocolate shake. Yes, I had no choice as it was so thick and tasty. Damn, that chili dog was so good too.

Chili Dog on wax wrapper
Chili Dog
Chocolate Milkshake
Chocolate Milkshake
Double Cheeseburger on wax wrapper
Double Cheeseburger

The Burgers and Shakes double cheeseburger was everything I was hoping it would be, but I cheated a little bit. I added some mayo, mustard, and ketchup to the bottom bun. I did feel guilty for doing that, but honestly, it’s what I would have done when I was a kid.

Next time I’m in Lexington, I solemnly swear only to add pickles and mustard, *scout’s honor.

*I was never a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, for that matter.

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