Carolina Jax Food Truck

I’m not sure if I found Carolina Jax (formerly Cackylacky’s) on social media first, or they found me. All I know is that when I laid my eyes on what was going on at their then only food truck, I knew one of their burgers would eventually be mine.

I had every intention to be at the grand opening of their first restaurant, but the pandemic had other plans for me. Carolina Jax’s (2548 Oak Street, Jacksonville, Florida) new restaurant replaced another favorite of mine in Jacksonville, the Stuffed Beaver. Now with a full-sized kitchen to work out of, they’ve been able to expand the entire menu. The selection of burgers, sammiches (sandwiches), dogs, and sides is larger, but I did shed a tear when I saw a salad on the menu. I do forgive them cause everything they do is magic, kinda like the Police.

Carolina Jax Cheeseburger
Carolina Jax Cheeseburger, picture courtesy of Carolina Jax Facebook page


Carolina Jax Menu Page 1
Menu Page 1
Carolina Jax Menu Page 2
Menu Page 2


Cackylackys Food Trailer
Cackylacky’s Food Truck

I would try Cackylacky’s burger for the first time at my 2019 Hamburger House Party competition. It was out of the norm for me to invite a restaurant to participate whose food I had never eaten, but I had a great feeling about them.

About a month later, during my book signing tour, I stopped into Pinegrove Market in Jacksonville. I had only one other spot on my mind, and you guessed it. The Cackylacky’s food truck was parked at an office building, and we tried to get their right about the time they opened. A few folks beat us to it, but it didn’t matter. We were here at last.

Cacklacky’s was everything we knew it would be. There is so much hype surrounding food in this day and age, yet most can not seem to back it up. They most definitely did. I was craving another burger, and I still hadn’t finished the one I was currently eating. It was that kind of situation.

Cackylackys MenuBoard
Cackylacky’s Menu Board
Loaded Fries
Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries
Bacon Lettuce Tomato BLT Sandwich
Jax Beach BLT Sandwich
Jax Beach BLT Halves
Jax Beach BLT Halves
OBX Burger
OBX Burger
Bacon Cheddar Burger
Bacon Cheddar Burger
All The Way Dog
All The Way Dog
Cackylackys with Burger Beast
Burger Beast with the Cackylacky’s folks


I was ecstatic when Cackylacky’s said yes to my 2019 Hamburger House Party invite. Cackylacky’s came to win, and win they did. They bested 19 other great burger joints that day, and they certainly deserved the victory. You can call them now and forever the 2019 Hamburger House Party People’s Champions.

Cackylackys HHP Riverside Description
Hamburger House Party Riverside Description
Hamburger House Party 2019 People's Winner - Cackylacky's
Hamburger House Party 2019 People’s Winner – Cackylacky’s
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