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Top 10 Hot Dogs in South Florida

If you’ve downloaded the Burger Beast App for Android or iPhone then you’ve seen this Top 10 list already. If you haven’t, then this is my Top 10 South...

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Top 10 Croquetas in Miami

I have eaten enough Croquetas in my lifetime to fill a Cruise ship. I’d say I love a good 99% of them, even the kind you find in Frozen Food Aisle at your local...

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Top 5 Chicharrones In Miami

This is a real Top 5 list. Someone did not go out and snap pictures for me. Someone did not tell me I should add this to my list untasted, well they may have but I...

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Top 5 Miami Food Truck Burgers

Probably the question I get asked the most is which is the Best Food Truck Burger. Really, how can I not be asked that question with there being over 100 Food Trucks in...

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Top 10 New Burgers I Had in 2011

I thought about the list for the Top 10 New Burgers I had in 2011 long and hard. I ate so many new burgers and plenty that I never even mentioned on BurgerBeast.Com or...

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The Burger Beast Top 5 Croqueta List

A few weeks back the New Times posted a list of the Top 5 Croquetas in Miami which I vehemently disagreed with. After some consideration and re-testing of my favorites I...

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