Cheeseburger from Tom Wahl's in Avon, New York

Tom Wahl’s in Avon, New York

Tom Wahl’s of Avon, New York, is another classic gem that opened in 1955.

Their signature burger is the Wahlburger, a 5oz chargrilled ground steak patty.

Double Cheeseburger from Fukin Burger in Wynwood, Florida

Fukin Burger in Wynwood

We did it; another National Burger Month is behind us! So what are you doing for June?

Well, what about Fukin Burger’s double cheeseburger?

Slider King Cheese Slider

SLIDER KING is Here At Last!

Slider King Miami – try the burgers ten years in the making! Double-smashed cheese sliders with onions, just like White Manna & White Rose. #SliderKingMiami

Ice Cream Cone from Graeter's in Cincinnati, Ohio

Burger Beast All Over Ohio

I’ve driven & eaten extensively through Ohio.

Yet, there are many burger joints & old school restaurants left to explore.

I’ve barely made a dent.