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Spizzigo – Doral, Florida

Marcela is pretty simple when it comes to Pizza so Pepperoni is the most I can convince her to add as a topping. She will go for a veggie heavy pie but I’m not...

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Flanigan’s – Doral, Florida

Over the course of the last quarter century, I have eaten at Flanigan’s quite a few times. It has never really been a favorite of mine but whenever I’ve...

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Chick-fil-A – Doral, Florida

Right where a Krispy Kreme previously stood is now a Chick-fil-A. The only 2 things I knew about Chick-fil-A was that one, McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken...

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Hooters – Doral, Florida

I’ve been going to Hooters back before anyone even cared about it. We’d walk in and the place was empty. Back then no family in their right mind would go...

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