The Burger Benefit in Dunwoody, Georgia

The Burger Benefit in Dunwoody, Georgia

I’ll be at NFA Burger in Dunwoody, GA, for the Burger Benefit.

There will be a bunch of burger folks making their version of the cheeseburger from The Menu.

Burger Broskys - Trying to figure out how this thingamajig works

Who are the Burger Broskys?

So it’s about time I explain the whole Burger Broskys thing.

The short answer is that Burger Broskys is a Burger Beast & Ted’s Burger collab.

Croqueta Palooza 2021

Croqueta Palooza 2021 is Saturday, December 4th

After last year’s portable version, Croqueta Palooza is back to full-fledged event status.

The 8th annual Croqueta Palooza returns to Magic City Casino on Saturday, December 4th from 7-10 PM.

Burger Beast Feasts

Burger Beast Feasts in Miami, Florida

Every year Burger Beast produces a handful of Burger Beast Feasts that feature great local restaurants.

These events cater exclusively to Miami foodies.