Jersey Dawg Chili Cheese Onion Rippers

White Manna Inspired Sliders From Jersey Dawg Food Truck

Rob Goodman’s Jersey Dawg Food Truck is the little truck that could – it won not only the 2015 Burgie Award but also the Schweid & Sons Very Best Burger Award at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash!

Try the White Manna-inspired sliders, rippers, and more!

Don Mofongo Food Truck Chicharrones with Pork & Tostones

Don Mofongo Food Truck

Since April 2012, Don Mofongo Food Truck’s vision has been to bring a mix of Puerto Rican & Dominican dishes to South Florida’s food truck scene.

Woody's Burgers Food Truck

Woody’s Burgers Food Truck

Woody’s Burgers migrated to South Florida from Canada, bringing their 7oz char-grilled beef patties.

Now, they’re working out of a sharp-looking black food truck.