Charm City Burger Company in Deerfield Beach, Florida

Charm City Burger Company in Deerfield Beach is a good hour and a half from where I live in Miami. I initially checked them out when I happened to be in Sunrise one day.

Then I convinced a friend to make the extra 20-minute drive from there to Charm City Burger Company. There is a front door, but I always enter through the back door (please save the jokes for another time).

“The” Original Entrance

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you look over the menu for the first time. Most folks can’t seem to decide, so they order either of the two first burgers on the list.

Cowboy Burger from Charm City Burger Company in Deerfield Beach, Florida
Cowboy Burger

The Good Ole (a straight regular burger with or without cheese), Cowboy Style (bacon, cheddar cheese, mushrooms & onions), or the Forager aren’t bad choices either.

The Forager from Charm City Burger Company in Deerfield Beach, Florida
The Forager

Charm City Burger Menu

The Menu

Decisions, Decisions

My original inclination on my first visit was to get The Big Sloppy, and I did. Besides being an excellent name for a professional wrestler, the Big Sloppy is double meat, double cheese, double bacon, hash brown, and a fried egg burger.

Only order if you are hungry; if not, you will be stuffed right off the bat. Sides include tater tots, beer-battered onion rings, and hand-cut fries. Everyone knows that hand-cut fries are just what the doctor ordered.

Charm City Burger Company The Emperor
The Emperor

For the experienced Charm City eater, you know that the Emperor is the way to go. The Emperor is an American Kobe Patty Melt with sauteed mushrooms, cave-aged Gruyere cheese, and truffled aioli.

If you’re a little more adventurous, you can add Foie Gras. We asked for our burgers Under (their cooking temp lingo is slightly different), which is what we got.

You must pace yourself because there are plenty of good eats to be found here, and multiple visits or one with a bunch of friends is the only way to try out everything effectively.

Hot Dog Diggity Dirty, aka with Bacon, Cheese & Grilled Onions

The Hot Diggity Dog can be ordered up grilled or ripper-style (deep-fried) with an option of making it Dirty. Dirty means you’ll get bacon, cheese, and onions, and it’s a great choice if you like a loaded-up dog.

You can order a side of their Thick Cut Peppered Bacon, and that would be a good move if you ask me.

Garlic-Herb Grilled Chicken Wings with fresh-cut tries


Cinnamon Milk Shake

When you think it’s over, here comes the question: do I get a shake? The milkshakes are thick and creamy (we’re talking shakes here).

The faux cinnamon bun shake is the best. You’ll be in sugar heaven, but you can’t go wrong with even just the chocolate shake.

The award-winning Charm City Burger Company is worth the drive. Come hungry, bring friends, and convince someone else to drive back. You’ll thank me when you’re in a food coma relaxing.

One last thing: Charm’s sister restaurant, El Jefe Luchador, is almost across the street. If you love real-deal Mexican street tacos, you need to check them out.

Charm City Burger Company
1136 E. Hillsboro Boulevard
Deerfield Beach, FL
(954) 531-0300

Website –
Instagram –

Monday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

17 thoughts on “Charm City Burger Company in Deerfield Beach, Florida”

  1. I’ve been there 3 times and really enjoyed the food, but did not enjoy the roaches.
    I want to like the place, but all three times I went, I saw a roach crawling on the walls. One time the manager just killed it with his hand and said they they were coming out of the woodwork because they just sprayed……like it was nothing unusual. Didn’t even ask to comp a milk shake or anything.
    I live right down the street, but am afraid to go back eventhough the food IS good.
    What to do???

  2. Hands down this is the best burger in the area. I consider myself a burger aficionado, since I am in the Real Estate Development business and am always talking to new retail tenants. I have been to all the ones on the Beast’s list, and CC is the best. Gilberts is second with a great piece of cow. ROK is good, but the prices are out of line if you just want to have a burger, but fine to go and drink. These guys at CC know what they are doing.

  3. Just had dinner…..a Wednesday night in the summer and the place was full. Had the Emperor which was delicious although wish they had grilled the bread a bit better. Great burger though, huge and cooked just right. My dinner partners were equally impressed. Great find BurgerBeast!

  4. Went yesterday after several rave reviews and when the Burger Beast says go… you just have to try it. I will say that it was a "good" burger but was not blown away. After reading several other newer comments/reviews, I'm really wondering if there has been a shift in ownership and/or management because I wasn't blown away. Don;t get me wrong, this was worth the drive but I'm definitely not running back. I could actually go to Capital Grille and get a burger and truffle fries for the same money and have a 5-star burger.

  5. Went back to Charm City Burger. This time during lunch hour. What happened? It was embarrassing how bad it was compared to my previous visit just two nights earlier. The Big Sloppy was nothing like the previous one. No skewer necessary to hold it together because the egg was a quarter the size as was the hash browns and the burger was overcooked. The sweet potato fries were burnt. It was awful. We won't be driving from Dade to go there anymore. Consistency of quality is paramount if a restaurant wants to succeed. This was REAL bad!!

  6. Beast, could you throw your weight around and see whats going on at Charm City…I used to love this place…something is going on either with the chef or the way they prep.

  7. Went to Charm City Burger last night. Drove from Dade. Absolutely will go back. Had The Big Sloppy. Loved it. Better Broward Burger than Le Tub. In fact best of all Broward!! You must try it. Hope they keep their quality and friendliness, cause the're going to be very popular.

  8. Beast, visited as per your recommendation and it was spot on. Awesome burgers, awesome joint, and I did see the Burgie hanging proudly on the wall as I came in. Great great find.

  9. Durn! I guess I was hoping that the world would leave Charm City alone. Well, the word is out now, so no going back. You can be like me and simply go for the Good Ole and be happy, or you can get whatever you like from this small but excellent menu. Personally, I like the Good Ole without cheese, with fries and a cherry coke on a Friday night after a crazy week of work. I got the double once–once. OK, I am old now and have been living here for almost 35 years, so the double, while amazing, is just a bit too much unless you haven't eaten all day and don't plan to the next day. It is awesome, however. The only advice–get the fries instead of the tots. They are fresh cut, fresh cooked, and just seem to go better with the burger. As for the Big Sloppy, the Cowboy, and all the rest–yeah, I know they are good and people order the heck out of them, but for my $$, the simple Big Ole is the burger you have been waiting for and will truly love.


  10. I'm from Miami and I've driven by this place many times. Our family stays on Deerfield beach each summer. I need to check this place out after a day of swimming at the beach. sounds like a plan for next summer.

    Beast: make sure to check out Whales Rib in Deerfield its not THAT far from Charm City. It's closer to the water and its a Deerfield staple. Its been there for years. It was even on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. It's pretty good if your into sea food. Theres actually a Flanigan's right next door, both places are packed with an hour wait line during the summer with all the tourists.

  11. i was lucky enough to be in the neighborhood this last friday and after reading the beast's post i made sure to hit it. this place is great.

    i went with my kids so i was able to try the hot dog and grilled cheese from the menu, both were great.

    i had the cowboy style burger. it was nothing like what you expect "cowboy style" to be. no bbq sauce in sight. instead this one had mushrooms, grilled onions and bacon, delicious.

    also tried the sweet potato fries with my combo meal. those were pretty tasty too.

    i'm definitely going back.

  12. It almost sounds like this place trumps Keg South AND Kingdom from what you're telling us here. Is it true? Do I smell a Burgie Sweep here?

  13. Not only are the burgers at this place awesome, the large selection of items always makes going there an easy choice. Everything is made with high quality ingredients and has lots of character. A Kobe Beef Patty Melt? What a great idea.
    And while I don't eat salads myself, my girlfriend does and we can both be happy about where we go without having to sacrifice options. I just wished I lived closer so we could take advantage of this awesome concept more often. It's really closer to Boca than Fort Lauderdale, so they just need to open another one further South!


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