Chili’s Introduces Big Smasher BurgerTime Game with a Chance to Win Free Burgers for Life

Chili’s has launched a new twist on BurgerTime, one of the best (IMHO) classic video games of the 1980s. I’m such a fan of Burgertime that I had an arcade cabinet at my Burger Museum.

The revamped game is called Chili’s Big Smasher BurgerTime. Joe ChiliHead has replaced the chef from the original game. Fans can now battle fast-food villains and win an opportunity for free burgers for life.

Chili’s Burger Time Game Trailer

If you’re a Burgertime first-timer, the goal is to build as many burgers, in this case, Big Smasher Burgers. Once you complete all the burgers per level, you move on to another screen. There are six levels with opportunities to win rewards.

3 For Me Big Smasher Burger Deal

The Big Smasher Burger from Chili's Bar and Grill in Hollywood, Florida
Chili’s Bar and Grill Big Smasher Burger

The game is part of Chili’s marketing plan to show the value of its $10.99 3 For Me menu. The Big Smasher Burger is part of this deal.

The Big Smasher features popular fast-food ingredients like Thousand Island dressing, lettuce, pickles, red onion, and American cheese on a hand-smashed burger. All of this is by design to prove that with fast food prices rising, Chili’s is offering better value than what you can find at your local drive-thru.

Big Smasher BurgerTime Game

Chili's Big Smasher Burgertime Game Logo
Chili’s Big Smasher Burgertime Game Logo

Until July 14, fans can compete in the Chili’s Big Smasher BurgerTime competition by logging in or creating a My Chili’s Rewards account. Players score points by building Big Smashers.

Chili’s Big Smasher BurgerTime faithfully modernizes the original arcade experience with enhanced graphics, sound, and gameplay. The revamped game appeals to today’s gamers with increased speed, bonuses for collecting 3 For Me menu items, and new fast-food villain mascots.

It's Chili's Big Smasher Burgertime Game
It’s Chili’s Big Smasher Burgertime Game
Chili's Big Smasher Burgertime Game: Chili's vs Burger Barn
Chili’s Big Smasher Burgertime Game: Chili’s vs Burger Barn

The player with the highest score by the end of the competition will be crowned Chili’s Big Smasher BurgerTime Champion, winning FREE Chili’s Burgers for Life and a limited-edition Chili’s Big Smasher BurgerTime Arcade Cabinet. Second and third-place winners also receive an arcade cabinet.

The first 250 players to achieve the 3 For Me bonus in the game will get a Chili’s gift card for a free 3 For Me meal. The competition is free to enter through July 14, but only the My Chili’s Rewards members are eligible for prizes. Complete contest rules and prize details are available on the website.

Click HERE to sign up and play!

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