Coney Island Grill St. Petersburg Building
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Coney Island Grill has been open since 1926. Once you step inside, you’ll see that much hasn’t changed except for the recently upgraded booths. I can imagine the old ones must have seen better days.

We (John, Fred & I) were just down the street waiting on my wife as she was dissecting an antique shop. I noticed that it was nearing 3:30 PM, so I rallied the troops to make sure we would make it.

Coney Island Grill is only open 6 hours a day (10 AM- 4 PM) and closed on Sundays. We were heading back home to Miami the following morning, so this would be my only shot at eating here.

We had an awesome conversation when we arrived with an older gentleman who had been eating there for over 50 years.


Coney Island Grill Menu Board
Coney Island Grill Menu Board

Before I even discuss the food, I’ve got to mention that they don’t serve french fries. Why? The founder had an issue with the fryer catching fire, so he got rid of it and never sold fries again.

The order of a chili dog w/mustard was never in question, and I add a cheeseburger after the older gentleman insisted on it. Plus, he didn’t need to twist my arm much.

The chili on that dog is legendary, and I can see why it’s available for sale via pints. I regret not taking some back home with me.

When the cheeseburger arrived, I just looked at it in amazement. I could not get over the crust on the outside of the patty; it’s a thing of beauty. And that first bite just melted in my mouth.

Coney Island Grill Coney Dog
Coney Dog
Coney Island Grill Cheeseburger

I had one of each and left it at that since I knew that it meant I’d return at some point soon.

Making Magic Since 1926:

Coney Island Grill
250 Doctor M.L.K. Jr St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

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