Cori’s DogHouse – Nashville, Tennessee

Cori’s DogHouse in Nashville was not one of my planned stops for this leg of my road trip through Tennessee.

I always have a list of mapped out and investigated restaurants per area but sometimes you come across an unexpected eatery that will pique my interest. Sometimes the type of food gets me, the logo or word of mouth that will drive me to check out a restaurant.

My wife Marcela & I had just eaten at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken and were on our way back to our hotel room when I spot in the distance a cartoony hot dog drawing. I’m feeling like I could go for a hot dog so we turn into the parking lot.

We walk into this giant wall of a menu with hot dog styles and I take a deep breath as I survey my options.

The real truth is, I always go the chili cheese dog route on my first visit to a wiener establishment so a Cincinnati (chili cheese onion mustard dog) it is. I need something to wash that down with, and I see they have hand-battered corn dogs. SOLD! We throw in some fresh-cut fries, a fountain soda and we’re good to go.

Marcela bows out so it’s a solo BB eating mission.


I walk over to the fountain machine and I’m overcome with emotion. It can’t be. I call Marcela to show her, there’s RC Cola on Draft. She does a bad job of pretending to be excited for me which makes me laugh.

It’s been over 20 years since I last laid eyes on RC Cola available in this format. This alone has made this stop special.

Oh RC on a fountain machine, how I love thee.

Just a heads up, Cori’s in Nashville has the RC Cola but their Mt. Juliet location has Coke products.

The order is up and I find myself in the presence of two beauties, three if you count my wife.

The buttered New England-style bun really adds another level of flavor to this great chili cheese onion dog. If the cheese had been a little more melted it would have been a grand slam.

I take my time with the corn dog as I intersperse bites of it with a few of those fresh-cut fries and the slurps of RC Cola tie everything together. I really take in this moment and enjoy it.

Now months later and after having some time to think about the menu I’m positive that Cori’s DogHouse needs a Miami Dog and not a Florida on there.

What would be in a Miami Dog? You tell me.

Cori’s DogHouse Menu Board (click to enlarge)
Hand-battered Corn Dog & fresh cut fries
Cincinnati Dog

Raise Your Hands In The Air And Say, Whose House?:

Cori’s DogHouse
106 29th Ave N
Nashville, Tennessee


Providence Mall
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee


  1. Thanks for the great review. I’m the general manager of Cori’s. Our Nashville location proudly features RC cola (still). While our Mt Juliet location has Coke products.


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