The Dairy Bar in Port Orange, Florida

While staying in Daytona Beach, my wife Marcela and I would cross a bridge to the mainland. On our third to last day there, I noticed a little shack out of the corner of my eye with the words Dairy Bar (55 Dunlawton Avenue, Port Orange) in red. It was right before getting on the bridge.

I looked up the Dairy Bar on google. It turns out that’s not even considered Daytona Beach but Port Orange. It mentioned the best soft-serve ice cream and chili dogs in the area. I was going there, no matter what.

The Dairy Bar in Port Orange, Florida
The sign says it all!
T-shirts in The Dairy Bar in Port Orange, Florida
The Dairy Bar T-shirts

We would eventually hit them up on the following day.

Me? I was at the Dairy Bar strictly to have a chili dog. Marcela was all about a vanilla & chocolate soft serve swirl.

We shared each other’s dishes, well, kinda. If I bite and lick count, we’re talking hot dogs and ice cream here, by the way. Well, that was a mean soft serve, and she loved it.

The Dairy Bar Swirl Cone in Port Orange, Florida
Swirl Cone

I’m a giant fan of chili dogs but a bigger fan of beanless chili dogs. The chili was Cincinnati-style, and the dog had some yellow mustard and raw diced onions. I skipped out on adding the nacho cheese.

The Dairy Bar Chili Dog in Port Orange, Florida
Chili Dog

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better dog in the area, much less one with such an excellent dessert. So what I’m sayin’ is, you need to stop and snack.

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