Delicias de España's Cabinet of Tortillas Españolas

You Know What’s Really Good? Tortilla Española from Delicias de España

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You Know What’s Really Good? La Tortilla Española from Delicious de España.

My Mom makes great breakfast omelets, but it wasn’t until I visited my Dad’s mother (La Gallega) in Glendale, California, that I tried a Spanish Omelette (Tortilla Española) for the first time. Until then, I believed an omelet was an omelet.

She was born & raised in Spain and was a Flamenco dancer by trade (for you nosy types). I remember sitting there mesmerized, watching her cut all the potatoes & onions and making one from scratch. Her garlic mayo, another creation my Dad loved and one that initially creeped me out due to its greenish hue, was excellent.

La Gallega passed away almost 20 years ago, but whenever I’m in the mood for a Tortilla Española, my first thought is to share it with my father, and even better if we go together to buy it.

About the Tortilla Española

Please let me tell you about this delicacy found all over Spain. Like most things, there are variations, but potatoes only is the classic version.

The potatoes are cooked in olive oil to a soft consistency in a semi-deep pan. After draining excess oil, eggs are mixed in with your potatoes. Go ahead and add onions at this point, that’s up to you.

The Spanish Omelette looks like an amped-up version of what you believe an omelet to be. You can eat it either cold or warm; it’s really up to you.

I prefer mine to have patatas y cebollas (potatoes & onions), but my Pop’s favorite is the chorizo one. However, we both agree that eating it cold is best on crusty bread with some great mayo.

Tortilla Española Sandwich
Tortilla Española Sandwich with Manchego Cheese & Lime Mayo

Sunday is his only day off, so we’re more likely to be on a Tortilla Española adventure then. Our favorite spot is the Delicias de España in Kendall, right across the street from Dadeland Mall.

It’s a full-fledged restaurant with a small market of products imported from Spain. Their Tortilla Española reminds me of the one La Gallega made us all those years ago.


Tortilla Española de Chorizo, Patatas y Cebolla
Tortilla Española de Chorizo, Patatas y Cebolla

We like to stand in front of the filled glass display cabinet and then make an on-the-spot decision about which lucky fella is coming home with us. This time, my Dad’s favey won out.

Side Note.: My Dad learned how to make a mean Tortilla Española from La Gallega. If I beg him enough, he’ll make it for me.

Choose One; You Can’t Lose.

Delicias de España
7384 SW 40th Street
Miami, Florida


Delicias de España (across from Dadeland)
8950 SW 74th Ct. – Suite 101
Miami, Florida

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