Dog Et Al in Tallahassee, Florida

Dog Et Al Building in Tallahassee, Florida
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Dog Et Al is an unassuming but excellent spot to get your hot dog fix in Tallahassee. When driving around, my car seemed to know how to track down these great little spots in town; Dog Et Al (1456 S Monroe Street, Tallahassee) was no different.

Before the food talk, one quick comment; the employees are amicable. Now, onto the grub!

Dog Et Al Menu from Tallahassee, Florida
Dog Et Al Menu

There is a large selection of hot dogs; it should appease you, size queens out there. However, since I wanted to play it safe, I went with a Big Dog Chili Cheese & Onion Combo, which brought a soft drink, fried apple pie, and housemade potato chips (really great).

Potato Chips from Dog Et Al in Tallahassee, Florida
Homemade Potato Chips

Eat the Dog Et Al Chili Dog

Chili Dog from Dog Et Al in Tallahassee, Florida
Coney Dog (Mustard, Onion, Chili Cheese), Mustard design by me

I almost always get a chili dog everywhere I go; that’s the “safe part.” And it’s not too safe as I’ve had some chili abominations in my time. The chili at Dog Et Al was right on, and I probably would have considered a second one if I hadn’t also ordered a corn dog.

And the Handbattered Corn Dog

Corn Dog from Dog Et Al in Tallahassee, Florida
Hand-dipped Corn Dog

My go-to food at every carnival is the corn dog, the bigger the better. Sure, I love those “State Fair” frozen corn dogs as much as the next guy but when a restaurant hand batters their own, sign me up!

If you have the stomach capacity, a chili dog with a corn dog chaser is the way to happiness at Dog Et Al. Also, the fried apple pie was a nice throwback to a favorite from my youth and the perfect way to end this meal.

Fried Apple Pie from Dog Et Al in Tallahassee, Florida
Fried Apple Pie

Dog Et Al is a great little spot, so don’t miss out if you’re in the Tallahassee area. But, of course, it’d be a shame if you did.

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