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Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the hotel in Nashville we stayed at was Fox’s Donut Den (3900 Hillsboro Pike). I drove by a couple of times, waiting for a parking spot to open up near the entrance.

When I finally walked in, there was a line to place my order. Normally I steer clear of lines, but now, after the fact, was it worth waiting in line? Hell yeah!

The Line at Fox's Donut Den
The Line at Donut Den

Kolache Talk

After investigating the term Kolache and the variation Klobásník earlier in the week, I was excited to see a cheddar sausage version at Donut Den. Up until that point, my caveman mind called them super-sized pigs in blankets.

While this tasty snack’s origins can be traced back to the Czech Republic, it seems that this sausage version was thought to have first appeared in Texas. How it became a popular item on donut shop menus is unknown.

Cheddar Cheese Kolache
Cheddar Cheese Kolache

Next up was my homeboy, the apple fritter. The first thing I look for when I’m at a donut shop is the apple fritters. I don’t care for apples in their original form but slice them, cinnamon sugar ’em up, and I’m your guy.

I unexpectedly ordered a half dozen donuts in very monotone colors. I’m just not into a lot of those donuts covered in cereals, candies, and cookies. I’ll take a perfectly made glazed donut any day of the week.

Also, I guess I wasn’t feeling very chocolaty at the moment.

The apple fritter was the winner in my book at Donut Den, followed closely by the old-fashioned cake donut. As for the Kolache, wieners rules don’t cha think?

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