Donut Man – Winter Haven, Florida

In the sleepy town of Winter Haven you will find Donut Man keeping it old school with their doughnuts.

We’re driving around Winter Haven, Florida when I spot a repurposed Mister Donut sign being used as Donut Man. While Mister Donut is still readily available in Asia, it’s heydey in the U. S. was well over 40 years ago. There is currently one left in the United States and it can be found in Godfrey, Illinois.

Now I’m excited!

I drop my wife Marcela off at an antique shop, and I race back. Inside, it still has the same look and feel of a Mister Donut from back in the day.

They also offer sandwiches also, but I was here on a very specific mission. 

But how were they, you ask?

That first bite of the Buttermilk Donut took me back to my childhood and enjoying the circular marvels with my grandfather Gollo. He was totally into sweets.

Donut Man is a simpler type of shop, one where putting out tasty doughnuts at a fair price with excellent customer service matters. I’d take that every day of the week.

If only every business were like that.

Mission accomplished.

Donut Man

Donut Man Menu & Donut Display

Donut Display

Apple Fritter


Powdered Sugar

Twist Donut

Boston Creme Donut

Donut Man
1290 6th St NW
Winter Haven, Florida

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