Dos Croquetas Building

How much do you love, croquetas? Dos Croquetas and their Croqueta Bar is here to ensure your love grows into an obsession.


When Dos Croquetas first started their operation as a late-night delivery operation out of a warehouse, I was skeptical. Don’t get me wrong; I loved everything they were doing, but making croquetas is labor-intensive work. You need to be dedicated to the croqueta craft to make a go of it.

Luckily, Chef Vicky and Alec, the folks behind Dos Croquetas, were determined.

When they announced in early 2019 that they would be finally opening a brick and mortar, I was happy for them. My mood went from happy to ecstatic when the restaurant turns out to be in Westchester, my hometown.

They would expand their menu, and beyond the croquetas that had popularized them, there was now a full menu filled with their twists on comfort food.

I believe in Dos Croquetas, they are out there living their dream and creating food that the South Florida community loves.

Oh, and one last thing, that Buffalo Crack Chicken Croqueta is ridiculously great.



Queso Frito AF
Queso Frito AF
Cheesy Yuca Bites
Cheesy Yuca Bites
Croq 'N Tots
Croq ‘N Tots
Preparada Melt
Preparada Melt
Ham and Crack Chicken Croquetas
Ham and Buffalo Crack Chicken Croquetas
Dessert Croquetas
Dessert Croquetas: Oreo, Fruity Pebbles and Guava Cinnamon Toast Crunch



Croquetapalooza 2019 People’s’s Choice Award for their Medianoche Croqueta

You need more than two:

Dos Croquetas
10505 SW 40th Street
Miami, FL 33165

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