Earl of Sandwich at Florida Service Plazas

When I was last in Vegas at the end of 2007, I remember seeing an Earl of Sandwich – Coming Soon sign at the Planet Hollywood hotel. I was pretty excited for some unknown reason, but I never thought about it again until I walked into the Port St. Lucie-Ft. Pierce (Milepost 144) Turnpike Service Plaza.

When you’re traveling on the Florida Turnpike you’ll find service plazas approximately every 40 miles. The Earl of Sandwich is also at the West Palm Beach (Milepost 94) and Fort Drum (Milepost 184) plazas.

I stood at the Earl of Sandwich menu for a while trying to figure out what to orderĀ and decided on the good ol’ faithful, the Ham & Swiss. It’s been my favorite since I was a little beast.

Wrapped Ham & Swiss Sandwich from Earl of Sandwich at a Florida Turnpike Plaza
Wrapped Ham & Swiss Sandwich

The hot sandwich was tightly wounded and looked like a gold bar from an Indiana Jones film. I unwrapped my treasure to find a nicely toasted sandwich.

It looked great and had the Earl’s Mustard sauce all over the inner top and bottom bread. I enjoyed the mustard, but I found the sammy to be something I could recreate at home effortlessly.

Ham & Swiss Halves from Earl of Sandwich at a Florida Turnpike Plaza
Ham & Swiss Halves

I wouldn’t exactly be running here to have another one of these yet, but in a pinch, it would do. If there’s a next time, I will go for Earl of Sandwich’s brookie and one of the fellows below.

  • The Original 1762roast beef, cheddar cheese & horseradish sauce
  • The Full Montaguroast beef, turkey, Swiss & cheddar cheese, lettuce, Roma tomatoes & the Earl’s Mustard sauce

Or maybe one of their salads; just kidding.

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