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The neon sign at El Cap Hamburgers (3500 4th St N) caught my attention when I was driving around St. Petersburg. I dropped my wife Marcela off at an antique shop and headed back to check this place out.

I’m glad I stopped cause it’s moments like these that I love when I’m roaming around a city I’m visiting and come across something special. A family-owned restaurant over 50 years old is just the type of place I love to support.

I was planning on just having the burger and fries, but then I saw a chili dog on the menu. If you’re ever going to roll the dice on trying a chili dog somewhere, I’d say an establishment with such longevity is more than likely doing it right. It was a great starter, and unlike some folks, I enjoy American cheese in that partially melted state.

The fries were of the frozen variety but fried properly and not oily. I’d suggest having a chili dog instead of the fries if you’re in that kinda mood.

There is no fancy bun here, just a great old-school cheeseburger with an even better meat crust on the outside.

I want to remit my original statement and say that having two cheeseburgers is the deal here. I’m craving one just thinking about it, don’t let that happen to you.

El Cap’s Menu

El Cap Menu, picture courtesy of El Cap

El Cap’s Food Pictures

Chili Cheese Dog
World Champ Cheeseburger
LHG Meals 468 x 60

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  1. I love a good old school cheeseburger. Looks like a nice crust on the meat too. I’m hungry! 🙂

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