Empanada Harry’s + Smoke & Dough BBQ in Miami

I had my eyes on Empanada Harry’s Instagram account for a few weeks in April 2017. Then, I made my first appearance at their restaurant (4009 SW 152nd Avenue, Miami) the following month, almost like a magician.

My first thought after looking around was that time was spent on the little details all around Empanada Harry’s. They were injecting a taste of themselves into the space.

It was the exact opposite of one of those soulless gastropubs that exist only to suck money out of your wallet. I felt right at home.

Harry and Michelle Coleman own empanada Harry’s. Harry’s father, Philip Coleman, has owned Moises Bakery in Miami Beach since 1991.

Empanada Harry's Mallorcas
Empanada Harry's Pan de Jamon
Pan de Jamon

Moises Bakery is closer to a traditional Venezuelan bakery. Its influence is seen all over Empanada Harry’s. Harry grew up in the business, and Philip passed on his passion to his son.

He would meet his wife, Michelle when they both attended FIU. More than 15 years later, he runs the back of house while Michelle is busy taking orders and greeting folks upon entering Empanada Harry’s.

Why is Empanada Harry’s different?

Empanada Harry's Savory Snacks
Empanadas Galore

Empanada Harry’s is Miami through and through. Of course, the empanada styles run the gamut from Argentina, Chile, Colombian, Cuban, Peru, and Venezuela.

Empanada Harry's Empanada Menu in Miami, Florida
Empanada Menu

No one can beat their daily selection of empanadas. Also, make sure to ask about the monthly special. My wife Marcela lives for their Vegan Empanada.

You know it must be good if even I’m willing to give it a mention!

The Chipotle Chicken is my favorite if you’re taking notes at home. There hasn’t been a lousy empanada in the bunch.

Empanada Harry's Ham & Cheese Empanada
Ham & Cheese Empanada
Empanada Harry's Vegan Beef Empanada
Vegan Beef Empanada
Empanada Harry's Guava & Goat Cheese Empanada
Guava & Goat Cheese Empanada
Chipotle Chicken Empanada
Chipotle Chicken Empanada

I could go on forever about all of their food, but it’s if you scroll down, take a look at what’s calling to you, and head over to Empanada Harry’s.

Venezuelan Cachapa
Venezuelan Cachapa
Empanada Harry's Choripan
Cuban Sandwich
Cuban Sandwich
Selection of Sweets
Selection of Sweets

While they are a good thirty minutes away from me, I spend my drive thinking about what I’m going to buy, and then on the drive back, I’ve got a road empanada.

What’s a road empanada?

A road empanada is an empanada meant for you to eat on your drive home.

Harry’s Smoke & Dough BBQ

Harry's Smoke & Dough BBQ Menu
Harry’s Smoke & Dough BBQ Menu

Their next adventure is a Miami-style BBQ spot. Harry’s Smoke & Dough Smokehouse open right next door in February 2022. Harry and Michelle originally began integrating some smoked meats into the Empanada Harry’s menu.

Harry's Smoke & Dough BBQ Pastrami Tequeños & Gouda Tequeños
Pastrami Tequeños & Gouda Tequeños
Harry's Smoke & Dough BBQ Smoked Gouda & Ham Croquetas
Smoked Gouda & Ham Croquetas
Harry's Smoke & Dough BBQ Platter
Platter with Cafecito Rubbed Brisket, Timba Sausage & Pulled Pork
Harry's Smoke & Dough BBQ Brisket
Cafecito Rubbed Brisket
Harry's Smoke & Dough BBQ Smoked Cheeseburger
Smoked Cheeseburger
Harry's Smoke & Dough BBQ House Potato Chips
House Potato Chips
Smoke & Dough's BEAST Croqueta Preparada
Smoke & Dough’s BEAST Croqueta Preparada
Smoked Flan from Smoke & Dough in West Kendall, Florida
Smoke & Dough Smoked Flan

Burger Beast’s SUGAPIE 2018 Champs

Nutella Tres Leches
Ganache Flor de Caña Tres Leches

In 2018 I hosted my 2nd SugaPie dessert event to find the best dessert in Miami. Empanada Harry’s won the competition with their Ganache Flor de Caña Tres Leches.

SugaPie 2018 - Empanada Harry's Tres Leches
SugaPie 2018 – Empanada Harry’s Tres Leches
SugaPie 2018 Winners Empanada Harrys
SugaPie 2018 Winners Empanada Harrys
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